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Here's everything you need to know about getting Fiber in New World
New World is filled to the brim with different resources to collect, as crafting is one of the game's major focuses. If you're looking to start crafting clothing, you'll need to get your hands on a resource called Fiber, which can only be gained through Hemp plants found throughout the world.

Not sure how to get Fiber or Hemp in New World? Don't worry, it seems to be a common stumbling block for new players. New World has a fairly good on-boarding process (as you'd hope from an MMO), but there's still a lot it doesn't teach you - such as where to go to find Hemp plants from which you can gather Fiber, a material used in the crafting of all sorts of useful items.

How to Get Fibers
It’s a major ingredient for early-game crafting recipes at the outfitter station. Players can find Fiber by harvesting Hemp plants throughout the forest and grassland areas located within Aeternum.

Hemp plants are easily identifiable by their purple caps and long, green stems. Once you find a Hemp plant, you can harvest it by pressing the default interact key (E) and retrieving whatever Fiber it yields, just as you would with any other resource in the open world.

Before you can think about harvesting Hemp you'll want to make sure you have a Harvesting Sickle, which can easily be crafted at any campfire with one Green Wood (gained from bushes and trees) and one Flint (gained from Flint rocks).

Fibers are another useful crafting resource which you can refine into Cloth for clothing and armour. It's also used to create your very first Wooden Fishing Pole. You'll need Fibers from Level 1 all the way up to New World's level cap and endgame content, so no matter how sophisticated your New World leveling strategies you'll still have a need for Fibers at any stage of the game.

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