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Some Fixes For Now
I have set it so right-clicking in sponge with any tools does NOT show you the repetitive ground info. This should also mean all tools work proper in sponge zones as well.


Also, I have add the /ps setname function. You can customize your sponge welcome/exit message with /ps setname (custom message). Just do /ps setname by itself to reset it to default.


AAAAnd, you 'should' have the ability to toggle the welcome/exit message being on or off, although I am not sure yet what the command is. Maybe /ps toggle welcome or something.


Lastly, if you didn't know you can toggle mob-spawning on and off in your sponge as well.


Let me know of any more sneaky lil bugs and I'll try and fix those as well.


"Nihil Sine Fide"
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This all I can say

[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_ml7afo1rug1snbeyao1_500.gif]
I few commands later and I find out how to toggle the enter/exit messages:


The commands are: 

/ps toggle

/ps toggle

/ps toggle

/ps info
(find all available flags and they are named exactly as they are used as flags)


The neon blue
 flags are not able to be toggled and if you don't see a flag on the info list, it's disabled or not a flag.

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