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RuneScape - It was fun and offered lots of content
You didn't just break your word but RuneScape gold also you were bold enough to claim that the Wheel of Fortune is a gambling system where you can spend real money in order to earn the game's rewards. This company is not one I would recommend to friends. I am not optimistic about the future of this company.

I have been a paid member on an old, unrelated account years ago. It was fun and offered lots of content. Since I've got a new account, I play much more serious in the game and am nearly the level of a mage at 90 (going for 99). I have made SO much money selling lots of drops, flipping and high alching things.

I'm thinking about being a paid player very soon. I currently fight Ankhous daily. Although they have excellent drops, I would like to to fight more powerful creatures through P2P. You can. My question: If I join P2P where/what are the higher-level creatures, and is it worth joining at this point? I am sure that I will eventually join P2P however I would like to be aware of whether joining at level 90 would improve my Mage skilling.

How much have you earned fighting for cash? You can buy a bond, which provides fourteen days of membership if you have about 10m. Although it's easier than F2P to earn that 10m back, it takes time and effort.

When you join, I recommend rushing to complete quests that offer huge exp boosts or good rewards. To determine which quests give the most exp boosts you can look up the RS wikia. These are the ones I recommend so that you can get closer to OSRS buy gold higher-tier weapons.

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