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face mask custom design
Consistently wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth, washing your hands, and practicing physical distancing will help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community and save lives. Everyone at Duke Health is committed to wearing a mask to keep people who are near us safe. It is required at all Duke Health facilities. However, it is just as important that you wear a face mask when you leave home. “When all of us wear masks, we protect each other,” said Cameron Wolfe, MD, an infectious diseases specialist with Duke Health. Wearing a mask is not just about keeping ourselves safe, it’s about keeping everyone safe -- at work, in the community, and at home. Wearing a mask sends a visual signal that you understand the importance of physical distancing and following healthy behaviors.
face mask custom design

Cool design and excellent multi-function: available in various sports and outdoor activities for men and women, such as cycling, motorcycling, walking, fishing, hunting, when you work out in the gym or saw the lawn in the garden, a breathable headband absorbs moisture faster than the others. Product performance: Soft texture, skin-friendly, breathable, water-absorbent, quick-drying, soft and close-fitting, no ball, no bleaching, no odor, easy to clean, the fabric is soft and skin-friendly, timeless all-match method, washable and non-fading. Applicable scenarios: Beach, cycling, cross-country, mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, traveling, fitness, etc.

Other description:

Design description: full-width printing, single-sided printing
Material description: 100% polyester fiber (polyester)
Design tips: Printing area image size: 2095 * 2249 px
Applicable people: Unisex
Chinese name: Variety face towel with inner pocket
Product number: 10977
Product material: Polyester
Accessories structure: There is a small pocket on the inside without filter

Washing instructions:

Hand wash, not machine wash, water temperature not higher than 40℃, do not bleach, avoid exposure to sunlight

Instructions for use:

Multi-purpose, can be used as a turban, mask, wrist brace, collar, headband, headband, pirate hat, mask, riding mask, etc.

[Image: 4b8e965ac5bf3798b2b771516e31bdc2_3bdc27b...d6a179.png]

[Image: d72e9f376d44eaebed9fbae997e619ec.jpg]

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