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Command List!
There are a lot of commands you can use on Xe and sometimes it's hard to remember them all so I have made a list of them with descriptions.  Big Grin


Lists most of the commands you can use.</span>

/sethome name<span> 
Sets a home. You can see how many homes you can set at /warp ranks.</span>

/delhome name
Deletes a home.</span>

/home name
Goes to a home.</span>

/warp create name
Creates a public warp. You can see how many warps you can make at /warp ranks.</span>

/warp <span> 
pcreate name<span> 
Creates a private warp. If you made a public warp and want to make it private, delete it then do this command.</span></span>

/warp delete name
Deletes a warp that you own.

/warp name
Goes to a warp.

/ps allow name

Use this while standing by your sponge to allow someone to build in the sponge zone. This is Fox and up.

/ps visualize
Shows you the area your sponge protects.

/ignore name
Makes it so you can't see what a player is saying. Do it again to undo it.

Turns on fly for donor max and up. Do it again to turn it off.

Shows you the TPS and how much memory the server is using.

Sets whatever block you're holding as a hat!

Clears your inventory.


Tells you how much money you have.

/money name
Tells you how much money someone else has.

/money top
or /balancetop
Shows you the richest players on the server.

/money pay name amount
Send Xeebles to someone! 

Shows you who is online.

/mail send name message
Sends mail to a player who is offline.

/msg name

/tell name
Talks to an online player.

A quick way to reply to the last person who has messaged you.

/seen name
Tells you when a player was last online.

/tpa name

Requests to teleport to a player.

/tpahere name
Requests to teleport a player to you.

Accepts a tp request.


Denys a tp request.

Takes you to spawn.

Shows you all of the plugins we currently have.

 Do this command then punch your chest to protect it. You can also do this on chests, doors, furnaces, and gates.

/cmodify name
Adds a player to your lock.

Removes the lock. Chests are set to lock when you place them so you'll need to do this if you want a public chest.

Need to unlock, lock, or modify multiple things? Do this command and you won't have to keep entering the lock, cmodify, or cremove commands. Just keep hitting the things you want to lock. Do it again to cancel it.

Tells you who a chest belongs to.

/ch join l
Joins the local chat channel. Only people around you will see what you say.

/ch leave l
Leaves the local chat channel.

/ch join t
Joins the trade channel. Advertise your shops and things for sale here.

/ch leave t
Leaves the trade channel.

/ch leave g
Want some quiet time? Make sure you're in another channel first then do this command to leave global chat.

/ch join g
Rejoins global chat.

will tell you information about the next lottery and who won the last one. The lottery is now gold ore.

/lottery buy #
will buy tickets. One ticket is 5 xeebles. The maximum amount of tickets you can buy each lottery is 10.

/lottery winners
will show you who won the last 10 lottery draws and how much they won.

is the stock market. It goes off of real US stock symbols and works the same way. It falls and rises the same. 

/ht lock
locks your horse so only you can use it.

/ht add name
adds someone to a horse you own.

/ht unlock
unlocks your horse.

You can do this once every 24 hours and get the kit for your rank and the ranks below you. 

/kit noob
Has a stone tool set, 6 bread, 4 oak logs, 10 torches, and 8 coal. Grey rank and up.

/kit fox 
Has leather armor set, 1 boat, 1 minecart, 8 bones, and 8 glass. Fox and up.

/kit donor
Has an iron tool set, 6 bread, 4 oak logs, 10 torches, and 16 coal. Donor and up.

/kit donorp
Has a gold tool set, 6 bread, 4 oak logs, 10 torches, and 32 coal. Donor Plus and up.

/kit donorx
Has a diamond tool set, 6 bread, 4 oak logs, 10 torches, 64 coal, and an eye of ender. Donor max and up.

/kit donoru
 Has a diamond armor set, diamond sword, 4 bookshelves, 4 leather, 10 torches, and 16 baked potatoes. Donor Ultra and up.

Donor Max and up can chat in c
To add some fun to chat use & and a number or letter. For example &1Hello! would come out as Hello!
or &dThis &5is &6fun! comes out as This



Here's a quick guide 
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<span style="font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:18px;">0</span> a b c d e f


is now a Hub server made up of serveral different servers.

To see who is where do /glist

All of these guides will be compiled into a website. Tongue
Updated with newer plugins and DU kit. Smile

/cpassword (creates a password lock on door, chest, ect), /cdonation (creates a lock on a chest where you can put something into the chest but you can't take them out hens the "donation"), /speed (self explanatory)

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