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XeGaming 1.16.2 Nether Update!
Hi Everyone!

If you didn't already know we recently updated to 1.16.1 and have made some changes to how we run things. CoreyD97 is now our newest owner and is hosting the server for us in addition to everything he does to run our forums and website. Thanks Corey! We are now running on paper spigot and have updated to 1.16.2 which added more fun stuff to the nether like the Piglin Brute mobs to the bastions. We have a fresh world as of 1.16.1 with a old favorite spawn XeLantis.(originally built by PunJedi and Palmetto from 2012ish) with survival, minigames, creative and skyblock. Come check things out and see a lot of familiar people.

We have more changes planned so make sure to keep an eye on the forums, we're actively looking for new games to host so if you have any suggestions let us know!

We look forward to seeing you in game! Big Grin

Server IP: xegaming.com
Discord: https://xegaming.com/discord
Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1453207204944155/
Steam group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/xegames
Forums http://xegaming.com/forums/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/XeGaming/
Room here still for a lonely Puma?
(01-06-2021, 12:17 AM)PumaSneaks Wrote: Room here still for a lonely Puma?
YA! come on some time and say hi! alot of us are in the discord and we have a feed the beast server now. sorry I just noticed this reply lol.
Is this place still around or does anyone play?

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