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Guide Rank Voting
Thank You Everyone. The Guide Vote is now over.

The 5 new Guides chosen are











Thank you, and for those that didn't make there is always a next time.

We had a ton of great responses and had to make some tough choices to keep it to 5 

so again, thank you all!

"Nihil Sine Fide"
extrapoo2505, If you consider me for one i wouldn't mind Smile. Sleeplessauto37 and Bricks3 are my votes

unkownking,I really think I could help out Smile , Ill consider sleeplessauto37, and bricks3, Thanks Smile


I would like to step up to the voting station and put my name in the hat: bricks3


My other choices are:

sleeplessauto37 (He is kind and a nice friendly player)

extrapoo2505 (He also is a kind player and is on at my time when only, on occasion, CoryD97 is on)

- bricks3

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i say Sleeplessauto37, and Miner_49er for my top votes Smile

"If one day the speed kills me. Do not cry, because I was smiling"
I vote for le Extrapoo2505 And le Bricks3 

Bricks3 is nice and helpful and a pretty swell dude

Extrapoo2505 is awesome, funny and helpful

Plus, poo is something we all have in common, right? :3

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DoodleSeeker, i'm so cool  Wink My other two votes are Bricks3 and Extrapoo2505 because they're awesome, friendly and helpful. I wish I could vote for Sleep too but I don't have a third vote. Sorry Sleep Sad

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Just saying...
Sunnysone, ill vote for sleeplessauto and erm.... miner_49er

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i think supercreeper9854 should be guide Smile (my vote)

AISH TO MANY GOOD PEOPLE TO PICK FROM! I guess I'll pick the people I see most fitting for the role. Erm.. SunnySone and sleeplessauto37. I'll be mentioning other people to the staff too, but I guess those are my 2 top picks

[Image: 214ziut.jpg]
[Image: 167124p.jpg]

Kilometre definitly, and sleepless

I say extrapoo2505 and if he gets TS, SunnySone, if not, bricks3 Big Grin

[Image: PESsxBi.png]
<------ I'll toss my own name in the hat, I suppose (Miner_49er_101
). Sleepless
is really helpful, hard to decide on others because of recent absence and the time of the day that I usually get on, will update this post with my second choice as soon as I can.

[Image: IGwRRfl.png]
I know it will be sleep he is really nice and everyone loves him Smile


[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
Sleeplessauto37,I wouldn't mind being a Guide,If I'd pick I would choose Bricks3, and extrapoo2505 both of them are kind and helpful in the server. Smile

I'm pretty cool. Tongue

I'm not going to choose anyone.

There are some admins that never do anything beneficial. No names.

CodyMX54 and Sleeplessauto37 are my picks but it would be nice to have more non Americans too. Kilometre and extrapoo2505 would be great for that.


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<p style="margin-left:0px;"><strong><strong>Miner_49er  and destroyersvibe</strong></strong>

One person, zman.


But i've noticed everyone that got voted is DonorMax, Is it a requirment..? :/

theres a few people i think would be really good. But Sleepless and Codymx54 are my top picks for guide.

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