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Guide Rank Voting
Quote:One person, zman.


But i've noticed everyone that got voted is DonorMax, Is it a requirment..? :/
no not really you can still vote people lower Smile
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<p style="margin:0px;">Miner_49er_101 and MrMineManCraft would be my vote

I would like to be a guide but if not i would chose sleeplessauto37 and SunnySone because people like them.









Probably not ganna be picked ._.

I gotta vote for sleeplessauto37 and SunnySone. From what I've seen of them, they're both mature, helpful, and would make excellent guides in my opinion!

Might as well:



Awesome responses we got going here. Keep em coming folks. If you aren't picked this time around don't fret, we will be around for a long time and at some point will always keep the pool of staff fresh and dynamic.
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Im voting For Sleepless and sunny, both are on heaps and always helping and active.

Well I hate to say it but I would like to throw my own name in the hat but I would also like to put in Extrapoo2505 and Lipkick who has promised me he will come on a lot more offen if he becomes guide.

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Are all the current guides getting v wiped?
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Quote:Are all the current guides getting v wiped?
No they won't. We just are looking to add a few more to our staff.

This account is too new to put my name in, so:

I vouch for


As I have known him in the days of 2012, and had owned a plot in old Olympus. Was never rude or disrespectful, when i wanted to chop and change my plots. Or do anything abnormal.



As I have known him for 13 years, my whole life and he has been the best of friends. And he has never set a foot wrong, in MineCraft and real life. He convinced me to join Xe and get a new MC account, to draw me from my Xbox life. And he truly has faith that Xe will return to its former glory, despite my first scepticism and negativity. Bricks3 is the only reason I am here, so that is why I am posting this, to vouch for his Guide position. Without a doubt these are my picks.


Harvty123 would be my pick as well, as he was one of the oldest members, and started me off on Xe, back in April, 2012.

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Quote:Well I hate to say it but I would like to throw my own name in the hat but I would also like to put in Extrapoo2505 and Lipkick who has promised me he will come on a lot more offen if he becomes guide.

That is unfortunately counter-productive. Unless you are currently more active and become noticed by Community/Staff for actions, helpfulness, overall behavior, then you don't have much of a chance at becoming Guide. To say "if I get Guide I'll be around more" is like hoping you win the lottery but you never buy a ticket 

"Nihil Sine Fide"
Quote:Miner_49er_101 and MrMineManCraft would be my vote
I'm surprised to see my name mentioned.

Although I am more than just capable of the position (lots of experience)...

I've only been doing stuff behind the scenes. (Website, possibly mobile app.)

I do get on minecraft and teamspeak often but I don't even have my own home yet. I have not had much incentive to play.
Exothermia, I would like to recommend extrapoo2505. Can't really think of a second person right now

me and sleepless

I would like to recommend kilometre for guide as he is a great member of XE, always helping out in the community and spends a lot of time on the server. I don't really know who else to vote for as I'm not going to bother putting myself in as I wont win anyway Tongue

- Lipkick

mattattack643, I really think I can help out the community, Have played on the server for a year now and play mostly on the weekends. I also vote for Kilometre as He's been helpful to me getting started. Thanks Smile

Matt! Where have you been? Im bricks2 ,by the way from old Xe.

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I'd like to say one thing Pun... don't overload on staff like CF has! There will basically be no players left Tongue

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Extrapoo2505 and DestroyersVibe. Smile

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