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Creative Build Contest
It's been way too long since I've done a contest.



The last one I did was on 1.6.4 and it was a huge success with lots of awesome builds. The last one didn't have a clear theme but this one does.


You can build anything that is from a

TV show, movie, or video game

<span style="font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif;">The

one thing I ask is no pixel art. You have a very large plot in freebuild to work with. It doesn't have to be just one subject, you can include multiple shows, movies, or video games in your entry, but you only get one entry.



To give you an idea<span style="font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"> of what won last time, LlamaDude007 built a space station, which has been copied over and is near the freebuild spawn, Clabrador96 built the tower from Rapunzel and even changed his skin to go with it, and fifafo123 built a large and very detailed clocktower. Here's a link to some pictures of the last contest 


To claim a plot in creative you must be a FoX rank or higher. 
To get there do /warp contest
. Pick a plot within the glowstone border, stand in it, and do /plot claim. Then do /plot name namehere
. Do /gm 1
to go into creative mode. 


I will be donating $20 to the server for your choice of rank. This can be any combination of ranks for yourself and/or others. Your choices are DonatorUltra for a DonatorMax, DonatorMax and Donator, DonatorPlus for 2 people, DonatorPlus and Donator for 2 people, or Donator for 4 people. There will also be Xeeble prizes for runners up.


Reply to this thread when your build is done with: The name of your plot in freebuild, what you built, what prize you want if you win, and who you want to give the prize(s) to if not yourself.


The contest ends May 28th and will be judged (by myself, PancakeMoon, and possibly other staff members) by the 31st. I know this is a long time to hold a contest but during the last one (which was 2 weeks) I was told people wanted more time. This way you should have more than enough time to build whatever you want.


Have fun, be creative, and build something awesome! 


Edit by Pancake 5/21/14:

The contest isn't ending on the 28th as planned. We want to see if we can get a few more entries. We'll let you guys know in advance when we pick the new end date.

Hopefully I find enough time do join this.


Llama's spacestation is pretty badass though. 

[url="http://achievecraft.com"][Image: mca.png][/url]
[url="http://achievecraft.com"][Image: mca.png][/url]
[url="http://achievecraft.com"][Image: mca.png][/url]
Glad to see one going on again. Though I will not participate in it, partly from time constraints, and partly from not wanting to take the chance of victory from someone else ;D

Quote:Glad to see one going on again. Though I will not participate in it, partly from time constraints, and partly from not wanting to take the chance of victory from someone else ;D
Thank god

[Image: 0KxXwp3.png]
People have asked if we're allowing them to work together. You can share a plot but you still only get one plot. You can't build with someone else on one plot then go build another on your own and enter both to the contest. You can use as many plots as you want but you can only enter one to win. Also if a group plot wins the whole group must agree on what prize they want and who it goes to so it's best to talk about that before working with someone.
There's still a month left to build! It's not to late to start!

Bump Bumpety Bump!!
"Nihil Sine Fide"
Quote:Bump Bumpety Bump!!
Derp Derpety Derp
Look at me doodles: https://www.instagram.com/a_link_to_theart/?hl=en

Webcomic coming soon on Tapastic.com
I've seen a lot of awesome builds out there so if you are part of this contest, be sure to use the last couple weeks to your advantage. Smile  Nice work everyone, keep it up

"Nihil Sine Fide"
my name to the plot is /plot namehere. and i would like to have the donator ultra or the donator max if possible oh and my bulding thing is sponge bob. thx tigergirl1111

Im posting this on behalf of Spacemonki.  The build: The scene of the titanic in a comedic fashion. This titanic is not an exact replica of the real titanic, it is my own impression of the titanic from the movie. The titanic built is shortened and fattened to give it a more cartoon-ish look.  The scene takes place when the titanic collides with the ice berg. Thus, the batman comic styled 'Kaboom' bubble. I've also made the interior of the titanic as detailed as possible by building cabins ranging from suite class to budget class. The grand ballroom is also included in the ship. The prize i would want would be donator max for Spacemonki, and a donator rank for micihellele.

[Image: 0KxXwp3.png]
final did i get the thing right im suppose to put down all the info now? thx tigergirl1111

Is the contest ending soon?

[Image: 0KxXwp3.png]
Is the contest done or?

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