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Don't Let Your Heartbleed!
Friends, this is a very serious topic. Just about any web site you go to that starts with https:// (note the S for Security) is vulnerable to this exploit. The OpenSSL package is used HEAVILY across a great majority of the Internet, including XEGaming.com.

For your security, we have upgraded the OpenSSL package (and others) to make sure your private data is secure. I would still recommend, HEAVILY, that you traverse the interwebs and change your passwords. This includes your desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc. For the forgetful ones, there are plenty of password storage applications available. I like PWSafe for Windows and Linux. There's others for tablets and smart phones. USE THEM! Do NOT use the same password everywhere! That's just a bad idea - especially with exploits like this one!


Go read more. Educate. Inform. And be safe.

Have Fun. Play Nice.
Ok, pehaps the topic subject was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but really. This is a serious issue. Please go read about it, and protect yourselves.
Thank you for the info sir Smile
"Nihil Sine Fide"
How do we know the heartbleed.com site and areas it points to are legitimate?
If you don't trust heartbleed, trust your googling skills. There's TONS of information out there. This isn't a hoax.
NSA uses internet security flaws to steal user data!
Thank you for the update Truin.  I personally spent weeks at work patching everything.


Topic closed.

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