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Xegaming And Latest Updates
I know many of you are wondering what is going on with the current state of XeGaming and 1.7.9/1.8 changes happening. 


Here is the nitty gritty.

I honestly don't know. 

That being said, what I am doing is....

Checking the Spigot and Bukkit forums constantly to watch what is being updated. Reading the issues with UUID changes in minecraft, formulating a dual-situation plan.


This basically means that we are playing a waiting game this time around. 

Unlike updates in the past, this one has been done in parts. This means keeping our plugins stable and staying up to date are almost impossible right now without introducing problems.

Many of our plugins behave strangely when introduced to the 1.7.9 architecture and so in a move to keep our worlds intact and stable I have opted to stay on 1.7.5 until we literally are forced

to have to update.


What will happen when we update?  

Most likely our worlds and builds will be fine. The issues will be in inventories, money, xp, and any member tracked events in game (stocks, iconomy, shops etc).

These could become an issue to update until the plugins themselves are updated to address the UUID changes in 1.7.9.


Truin and his work with our backups system has ensured that we won't lose any data, it's just an issue of our to make sure it doesnt get corrupted when moving to the new builds.


At no point will I consider doing a world reset unless by some action Mojang adds something in that requires it to happen. I am at the mercy of their code just as much as anyone sadly and

no matter how much I try and keep our systems intact, sometimes we have to make adjustments.


I know this doesn't really explain much and probably causes some worries but I can say this. It's really a matter of behind-the-scenes adjustments and I just want to make sure that we have what we

need to lay out a stable update plan and not jump or rush into the latest and greatest just because its out there Smile


This is one of the biggest updates in MineCraft when you consider the code changes, API, UUID, and more. For those who don't know what that means, it breaks down to this...


Think of MineCraft as a car. What we have seen up to now with Mojang updates has been them mostly adjusting and cleaning up the body of the car. Now they are modifying the crap out of the engine it runs on and that creates some new challenges.


If you have any direct questions on this matter I will be more than happy to answer.

Comment away

For the TLBig GrinR  "Can't do much yet, will update when its somewhat safe"



"Nihil Sine Fide"
Keep up the good work !

I agree with MineMart! Keep up the great work to keeping XEGaming to be the best family server there is!

[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
Thank you thank you, and hopefully this transition will go smoother than some have in the past Smile

"Nihil Sine Fide"
So don't update, and watch out when the server actually does update. 

[url="http://achievecraft.com"][Image: mca.png][/url]
[url="http://achievecraft.com"][Image: mca.png][/url]
[url="http://achievecraft.com"][Image: mca.png][/url]
Quote:So don't update, and watch out when the server actually does update. 


Right, Front Page of Xegaming.com and Forums will show a banner for when we are ready for everyone to go ahead and update. Until then server stays on 1.7.5
"Nihil Sine Fide"
Updates like this are never easy.  Never will be.

So will we be loosing all our items in our inv?

[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
Quote:So will we be loosing all our items in our inv?
We don't know. We will not know anything until Minecraft updates and stable updates come out for plugins.

[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
To my understanding, plugins that save things based on names rather that UUID are screwed. Idk what possible reason Mojang is adding this
Mojang is adding a UUID so if a player gets banned on a server they can't change their name then get unbanned

[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
I hear talk of XE changing over to spigot, any idea how that will effect everybody?

Quote:I hear talk of XE changing over to spigot, any idea how that will effect everybody?
We have been using spigot since around 1.6. Works very well for our needs and really aren't any major issues.
"Nihil Sine Fide"
Oh no. I'm gonna keep my worst items (and I mean it) in my inv D: I don't wanna lose my Destroyer and my epic axe and pick D:

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