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Xe Hub Server
It's official. Thanks to Truin and his time and dedication, and knowing me well enough to help me get through some major hurdles, XeGaming will be restructured as a Hub server.

What does this mean exactly?


By using BungeeCord, we can now separate the worlds into their own servers. Completely isolated from each other as far as plugins and setup. We can still chat across servers, and moving between is just as easy as stepping through any current stargate. You don't need to download or do anything to enjoy the major differences this will bring to Xe.


First, take a look at this image to see what the differences will be.

.jpg   hubstuff.jpg (Size: 58.71 KB / Downloads: 4)


Now the nitty gritty. Xegaming.com Home Edition will remain exactly as it is, 1 server with multiple worlds, etc. This will remain in it's current (mostly stable) 1.7.5 mode until such time as 1.8 and ALL plugins are ready and can safely be updated. Once this happens, XeGaming.Com and the new HubXe.Com  (not yet ready) will be on the same version and can be BungeeCord linked.


Now on to what HubXe.Com is. This will be the address you will use to connect to Xe's hub servers. From there you will begin in brand new, 1.7.9/1.7.10 worlds with plugins specifically geared for that servers flavor. This means, when you want to join Creative, you won't have any more redstone, tables, anvils, or many other items blocked and barred from usage. The servers won't be sharing any inventories or money (Unless multiple worlds are added into one server, which we will be doing for Main build world, end, nether, and za) Pvp, Creative, Vanilla, and special worlds will all be isolated. This offers an IMMENSE amount of control and advantage to our current set-up, which to be honest is a nightmare behind the scenes.


The decision to start XeHub as a fresh set of worlds/servers was mainly due to the amount of data we will have to manage. I will personally be maintaining almost 5 different servers instead of 1. Even though all the servers will be run on the same PC, they will still each be their very own entity. Each will have it's own worldguard, logging, database, and configuration. Ranks WILL be shared among all servers as will chat. This won't look any different to you as far as ranks and colors (mostly), however I have to restructure BuyCraft so that folks don't accidentally get a package in one server that they had wanted for another.


I have MANY many kinks to work out yet but this concept has already been set up, tested, and configured, so I know that it works, works well, and is actually very awesome when it comes to the advantages it brings.


I know this is a big change and I expect questions Smile  When Xe Home Edition is up to date with HubXe, it will be added on as one of the Hub Servers. You may lose what's in your pocket when we get ready to do this change in a couple weeks, but the items in those worlds will be intact.


Think of it as like, an archive world that you can still build in Smile Beyond that, there are many things on my end and behind-the-scenes crew to still set up and configure, so patience, and I will keep everyone up to date on the status of HubXe.


Thank you all, sorry for the tl:dr

"Nihil Sine Fide"
Nice flow chart boss Smile

Maybe when update time is ready IPB 4.0 will be out to Smile

Quote:Nice flow chart boss Smile

Maybe when update time is ready IPB 4.0 will be out to Smile
"Nihil Sine Fide"
Coming soon, in 3027!


Quote:Coming soon, in 3027!

lol. So far I have Spawn, Build, Creative, and Vanilla hubs all mostly working. Next is PvP and a "special secret world" Smile

After that is done I have to work out the Buycraft and any website stuff that will be needed as well as update all the voting listings when we are done (This usually generates a bit of new interest as well)


All in all I am happy with the structure. Sure it's a bit mind boggling to mess with 5-6 different server setups that have similarities here and there but are largely isolated and different, but it opens up a ridiculous amount of potential.
"Nihil Sine Fide"
Wow. Have I really been gone this long? haha!

Looks good Pun Big Grin

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we need 1.7.5 map back we neeeed it!
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