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*sigh* It Was Going So Well....
So for the most part things are running very well but we are having some issues with a random inventory and money loss and changes out of nowhere.


Staff and I have been testing and trying numerous fixed and believe we have it stable again. I hate it when things are going super smooth and suddenly something just...changes.



I take full responsibility for this as I had thought we had the inventories locked in proper. We've tested what we can and so far no issues but for the next few days please keep your rares and

hard to get items, locked away in chests and not walking around with em on you.



Also, In lieu of this issue I had to reset iconomy balances back to default so you'll start with 100 Xeebles again but I will be adding 10,000 tokens to each account.


The Token shop will be finished by tomorrow and offer a new way of earning for Xe.



Thanks again for understanding, and please remember we are are dealing with a whole slough of new plugins and are working very hard to ensure they stay intact, stable, and fun.



"Nihil Sine Fide"
Oh no! That sucks... Any ideas on what was causing it then?

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A plugin, i know that and its a good thing my precious dragon egg will be safe, i dont like that i lost 12k but its better than losing my inv with good diamond armor

lets hope nothing else goes wrong and shas does not get another 100mil

Quote:Oh no! That sucks... Any ideas on what was causing it then?

Since we had to switch to a different inventory program, they dont have SQL and proper configs. Multinv and Multiverse Inventories are outdated and xinventory (that I bought) wouldnt see skyblock proper and it didnt have sql either.


Im shocked that the availability of a proper multi-world inventory handler is so scarce...Im hoping in time I'll find one or a fix will be put out for the existing ones
"Nihil Sine Fide"
That really sucks! I know how you feel. Good news is I didn't lose anything because I was only on for about 2 hours. If I did have anything, I only lost like 2 blocks of dirt. xD Good Luck getting it all fixed!
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