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Server Down For Next Couple Hours
Hey guys, just so no one thinks it's just them, the server is down. Should be back up after a couple hours - events happening at Pun's house. Anyway, it's all good. See you soon.

[Image: IGwRRfl.png]
Server is back up now Smile Thanks for everyones patience

"Nihil Sine Fide"
Quote:Server is back up now Smile Thanks for everyones patience
do you know how it went down?
"If one day the speed kills me. Do not cry, because I was smiling"
Quote:do you know how it went down?

We were moving furniture and computers to do a feal treatment on the carpets. The server accidentally didn't like being moved and rebooted and we figured just leave it as it would be more hassle to start up and just shut it right down again. Sadly, the insta-crash did cause some inventory issues that I'm sure I'll have more compensation to carry out Smile
"Nihil Sine Fide"
Hey, when I joined the server then it kicked me off and said "is the server down?" so im asuming it is down, but does anyone know when it will be back up? Thanks for your help- tiger

nvm it let me joinSmile


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