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It's Time I Pass The Torch.
 When I hopped into minecraft for the first time in a single player world. I was blown away by how simple yet intriguing it all was. It took me a good 20 minutes before I realized you could dig down Smile After a few hours I decided to make the leap into the multiplayer aspect. 


I don't even remember the first server I tried. Just that it was rude, crude, and took me all of 5 minutes to realize this wasn't home. 


The second server I joined was this smaller community called Project Xaldin. At that time it was being run by Puremin0rez with a whole host of people as staff, some of which are still around today.


Long story short, after many months of playing and chatting with the crew it became an option to purchase the server from Pure and run it myself. At the time, Michael S. Siebert and I were running WildHome region and had been doing the research to figure out what it would take. We all agreed, and Michael and I were now the new owners of the server. 


We had agreed that we would alter the name slightly and Pure would hold on to the Project Xaldin / Xaldin's Edge aspect of the name. After a few weeks and some initial learning curves we went with XeGaming. Now, over 6 years later we are still XeGaming, an awesome community built around respect, interaction, fairness, and fun. 


Through all the years of ups and downs I have had an experience I couldn't begin to describe in one post alone. Having said that, I am stepping down as the Owner of the Minecraft portion of XeGaming.Com.


FinalFormSora and PancakeMoon will now be the new Owners of the Minecraft edition of Xe. I will retain Ownership of XeGaming.Com and will be looking to host other games as well as assist in the new redesign and layout of the Web and Forums.


I will not be going anywhere in any sense as I am still following through with the plans of Xe. I am just able to pass some of that time and effort to Final And Moon and let them inject some fresh ideas and energy into Minecraft and other hosted games. 


I haven't been on as much lately anyhow as I have been busy with being a homeowner with my gf and still dealing with my ever stressful disability battle. 


With this transfer of Xe's minecraft it allows me to focus on other games as well as allow Final and Moon to host other games under the Xe title too. The ultimate goal for me, personally, is still to have XeGaming be a multi game hosting hub that has a strong and long-running community and a simple to use layout directing you to the many game we will host.





There will be a few days downtime as I need to send the hardware out and they will need some time getting everything in place for their access etc..


As of this post 9/20/2016 the server will be shut down at 7am on 9/21/2016 pacific time. Downtime will be determined upon shipping length and setup time.



Thank you all for an absolutely amazing community to have been a part of, and will continue to be  a part of, just in a different fashion.



(Vice-Prez) Smile
"Nihil Sine Fide"
When I joined Project Xaldin back in April 2011 I did not know how much of a rollercoaster ride I would be in for. When I initially heard somebody called PunJedi was buying the server I was initially disappointed, I had been around on Xaldin for a few months so I knew a lot of people but I had not heard of PunJedi. Some people weren't happy with the change but after a few days I knew it was going to be great, there were some hickups *Cough* Beta 1.6 pistons *Cough* but I was enjoying my time. Shortly after, 11th November I was asked to join the ranks of staff. I was ecstatic! Since then it has been a wave of emotions, good and bad but they've smoothed out along the way to lead us here. What I'm trying to say is there's been up and downs through the years but you've pulled us through and made Xe the great community that it is today.

XeGaming is a Hotel California in a way, You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave! 


Thanks for all the years you've put into this Pun, you've made it a great 5/6 years, now its time for Sora and Kelsey to build on the edge! Big Grin

Stanley is a magical Pig. Like a Unicorn, Just with more bacon



NOOOOOOOO because pun wont be owner on the MC server now D:


YAAAAAAAYYYY because now i may or may not mess with the cake and sora more often, jk its just a prank bro! lol

Aaron found the server in March 2011 and shortly after convinced me to join. I wasn't big into gaming besides stuff like Pokémon but after watching him play I gave in. After he kept telling me about it, I made my silly username based on a late night conversation about eating pancakes on the moon and logged in to the server for the first time. I'm so glad I did. 
At first it was just a getaway from real life where I built pixel art. Aaron would TeamSpeak a lot and I'd listen while mining or building. It wasn't until the reboot though that it became more of a family to me. I stopped being shy and started talking to people on my own.
I have gotten to know many members outside of game, some I see myself being lifelong friends with, and that is because of all what you put into the game Pun. I know how stressful it can be but I really do appreciate all the work you've put into this community. It has been a long 5 years of ups and downs but every second has been awesome.
It's very bittersweet for me that we're taking over but I'm really happy you and Truin are both sticking around. I promise we will do our best to keep the minecraft community going, no matter how many glitches, updates, or buggy plugins get thrown at us. 
We are always open to any feedback or ideas. If anyone has any questions feel free to pm one or both of us on Discord. I'm looking forward to many more years with XeGaming!
I remember the i joined during Xalidin's edge aspect towards the end of that server, I had a small little house out in the middle of nowhere near the /warp egypt where i worked on farming and other aspects of the game. shortly after that i decided to set up a small shop in /warp egypt where i know pun had a house in. at least i remember him having one. my brother had a plot right on the corner from my shop it was interesting.

it was from that moment i made a moto for when i make a shop is that i will always have a sell price for people to sell there stuff. Shortly after buying a massive plot in egypt that I worked on a little then vanished. I would later join an "ally" persay to XEgaming... a server i am not fond to speak about to find that XEgaming does still exist, and to my excitement i without hesitation joined that server. through the good and the bad the emotional and the 'admin aboose' mixed with salt. did my vanishing act again leaving the server because i had everything. only to come back on again here and there every month. those times i was very childish and took things very heavily as well... not a good time for me.

I view XEgaming as a family and I enjoy playing on it. sometimes i view kaboom as the annoying troll brother though >.>

I try to help out where I can though and Im glad that the server still lives on. Xalidin's edge was the one server i felt at home.

It was a few years ago...  ok, several...  when Pun called me up and was like "hey, I want to buy a MC server, but it's on Linux, and I don't know Linux that well, and you do...  can you help?"  Hell Yes!  I was in!  It wasn't quite XE yet, it was some other server, but I was there to help.  I put him in touch with some dude I worked with at the time, who knew Java and was an MC player, and they hit it off, and things progressed, and well, now there's *this*.  That other server is still going, and I wish them all the best, but it wasn't quite the family that I've felt with XE.  It wasn't the friends that I've come to know and love, due to XE.  And as I've watched it evolve, grow, get rebooted, rebuilt...  the family stuck with it.  That's what intrigued me.  That's what got me hooked, and not only willing, but *wanting* to stick around.   It didn't matter what type of project Pun has kicked up, he's always been a natural leader, someone who could always rally the troops, get people excited, and continue to expand upon the foundations of community that he started.  I absolutely love that.  It's been quite the journey, these past several years, and while I never quite got the hang of the game itself, I've always done what I could to keep the box up and running.  You know my mantra - "I don't make in-game changes, I'm just here to support the server."  That's not changed, and likely that it never will.  But as Sora and Cakes pick up the torch and continue to run with it, I will still be here, lending my support, knowledge, advice, and help wherever and whenever I can...  to support this family that I've grown to love so dearly.  Long Live XeGaming, Long Live Pun!  Love ya, bro!  Smile


Now, go have fun, and play nice!

Its been a long time since my last appearence but i felt the need to to share after receiving the email about shift in ownership of the minecraft server.

I joined xaldin years ago now - and it was the first server that felt like a real community and family to me. The people were kind, and i felt like i was actually participating for once in all the servers i had visited, it was a good feeling.

I still remeber that first town and the first people I met their, and still remember those first dirt and wood blocks i built (much to their dismay) and called a house. My love for the game grew with the time that passed and building was something I always looked forward to with those I knew online. Castles, homes, and the world were at my finger tips- and nothing made me more happy.

A couple years passed and I became staff for a brief time quite recently, my bonds with the community deepended and I came to respect, admire, and love the community more- despite the bumps in the road and the troubles along the way, it was always a place I could escape and enjoy myself with people I knew.

Then of course school happened, life took hold, and I had to take a step back for a longer while- and still am. I miss the simplicity of the game I had known but i hold no regrets or grudges- only fond memories of everyone here. One day I will return, and I know i'll find everyone the same way I left them, the fantastic community I knew before.

Pun- you led us well for the years you've led us, and I have to admit im sad to see you pass on the torch. But im sure Final and Pan will pick up where you left off and lead us just as well- I cant imagine a server without them.

To the rest of the staff, players, and friends here- keep on being who you are, and doing what your doing. I cant wait for when I return to all of yours wonderful creations. Know that I hold a special place in my heart and memories for all of you!
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Welp, I guess everyone is doing their story so I guess heres mine. I joined XeGaming 4 years ago and when I first joined I guess you could have called me a "troublemaker" annoying all the staff and pun which led me to my 6 month ban... As I grew up I matured and got to know everyone on the server and have gotten quite the reputation on the server. So I joined TeamSpeak and that is where I talked with some people that I would be life long friends with. Then I got asked to be staff and I was really happy because I loved this server and everyone in it. Then some drama happened (not gonna get into it) and stuff was going down hill. But eventually after talking we are all good now and that brings us to today. I just wanna thank the other staff members for putting their hard work into the server. Especially you PunJedi! Smile
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