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Xegamings Future
Hello everyone. I know it's been awhile since I have posted any updates and changes etc...


First off. I owe an apology to Obloo. I'm so sorry I haven't been around to move the spawns!



Secondly. I am shutting off Donations from BuyCraft for the MineCraft Hubs.


We had a great run with it but at this point with all the MC drama and shutdowns, there is no point in having anyone Donate for an almost dead game...


The servers will STAY running. Most likely they will stay at 1.7.10 as is unless something more comes out the of the bukkit/spigot fiasco.


No ranks will be removed or added. I may add the ability to buy ranks with Xeebles at some point but for now things stay as they are.


As far as plugins. A few have been tried and found to be lacking or simply didn't work for our Hubs. So until the Fiasco has some resolution, these, too, will stay the same.



7DaystoDie server is still running but we are just kind of waiting for the Alpha 10 update (BIG changes/additions). Once that gets underway we will move to start

getting that on listings etc...


BF1942 is down for now as no one was playing. Let me know if you have the game and want the Xe bf1942 server up and I'll pop it up it in a flash.




On a personal note I have been dealing with a lot of medical and dental stuff so I haven't been as focused on the Community as I would like to be.


My final assessment for my Disabilities is on Oct. 17th , that date pretty much sums up my future and what I'll be able to do.


Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us through the years, and I know we are in a deep lull at the moment, have no fear. XeGaming Will Prevail!




"Nihil Sine Fide"
Thanks or the update pun, and for all the other work you do to keep us running  Smile

Its ok, you don't need to Apologise, i haven't been on much myself.

Thanks for the update pun, I'm glad you're making the decision to keep the minecraft server running.


In my opinion Minecraft has been dead as a game for a long time, the only servers around now are minigame, pvp, and pay for admin servers.


Bf1942, is quite an old game, I know that it's free butI don't think that many people will play it. I remember we used to have a BF3 server up, is that no longer possible?


Good luck with your disability assessment! Hope it works out well for you.

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i've been on the server sometimes when i had time but some do come on minecraft. I like to think i still have more to do on minecraft and currently working on a mob spawner well you know not much of a mob spawner now. but still working on the plans.

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