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Forum Is Back Up!
It was brought to my attention yesterday (although I did not receive the message until this morning) that the forum was down.  I have repaired the issue.


I have a major and well needed update to the forum and front-page, however I am unsure on what content/game to feature.  There seems to be no news as to what Microsoft's plans are with Minecraft.  As soon as we can determine a game to feature, I will make the needed changes.  Also an update to IP Board 4 will be in order.


I have had a developmental build of the new forum, and was able to come up with a theme that can easily be tweaked (about time!) I have found one SQL injection exploit in the software that has since been patched.  Awaiting final word from my developer that all current known issues/bugs/exploits are worked out.

Thank you sir. Sorry I hadn't contacted you sooner. I haven't been home much the last few days and whatnot.  


As far as what games I would say for sure that we will continue to run the 7daystodie, minecraft (as is for now), and from there I am not sure yet. 


I have been watching the popularity/amount of time accessed hoste-able games and just trying to see what would fit our Community and our needs.



I plan on finding more "all ages friendly" style games. 7days is more adult themed which is fine but it does seem to alienate the younger crowd or those who don't wish

to be involved with something that involves a bit more gore/violence than what our Community is used to.


So I want to be sure we cater to the major ranges of interests and ideals. Smile

"Nihil Sine Fide"
BuildHub is down again though. :l

"If one day the speed kills me. Do not cry, because I was smiling"
Can we get the procedure to bring up the forums documented somewhere?  I know how to start the hubs (heck, I wrote the scripts!) and how to restart the main apache server, but when it comes to the forums....  some how-to would be nice.


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