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Empire Of Terra
Empire of Terra


[Image: 2015-01-13_180024.png]



Emperor: PumaSneaks

Chief Magistrate: Rekkoff

Consuls (2):

Market Manager:

‘More positions will be added as needed’


Now Accepting Applications (PM to PumaSneaks):


Time on XE:

Preferred Style:

Favorite thing to do in MC:

Projects interested in helping with:

Other things you’d like to see in Terra:

Guild interested in joining:

Citizens of Terra:










Terra was founded on The Xaldin Edge in approximately May of 2011. Started by two brothers, LetMePonderThis and I (PumaSneaks), who dreamed of a place they could call their own. After failing to build an underground city, I decided to return to the surface to start anew. Terra soon outgrew the boundaries of its capital city and grew to add 5 more cities before the server was corrupted by the addition of pistons… oh what a day. Terra was reborn as Siderius on the new map, but since didn’t receive the full attention that it deserved after I was made a member of the staff as a Moderator, and soon promoted to an Administrator.

After quite a long time spent as staff on Xaldin I decided it was time to step away from the world of servers and return to single player Minecraft where I could focus on my builds without the worries of managing any members.

Well that led me to this:
<a class="bbc_url" href="http://www.minecraftworldmap.com/worlds/jVvvz#/-73/64/170/-3/0/0"><span style="background-color:transparent;">http://www.minecraftworldmap.com/worlds/jVvvz#/-73/64/170/-3/0/0

With the release of 1.8 and XE finally updating where I knew my progress on any builds wouldn’t be quickly interrupted I have now returned and am ready to take on another great build as a community. Terra was not something that came to be by only my hands, but with the help of many talented builders and supporters. We charged no fee to join, and operated entirely from donations from our members to support the necessary infrastructure.

I intend to continue that tradition and am happily awaiting capable new friends to join me in this project.

Thanks for all your support!


To create a hub for the members of Xaldin to create their masterpieces, trade goods, make friends, and contribute to something greater than any single person on this server.


No griefing, swearing, stealing, bullying, and all that other good stuff. Just be a nice person.

No building outside of your designated plot/area without the approval from PumaSneaks or Rekkoff.

Building restrictions are as follows:

1. No basements below level 45 (this is because there will be significant underground infrastructure beneath our great city).

2. No buildings will be tallers than 40 blocks. We don’t like skyscrapers and frankly don’t want them.

3. No cobblestone, dirt, sand, netherrack, etc… Just build something that you are going to be proud of and make an effort to stay within the “general” style of the city.

4. We reserve the right to force changes to buildings if they aren't built with quality in mind, and will revoke membership if necessary in extreme situations.



Farms: Wheat, Sugar Cane, Carrot, Potato

Livestock: Cows, Chickens, Sheep


Sacrificial Glass Pyramid
City Temple


Mage's College with Enchanting Table

Bridge to main continent

Community Chest

Warp Hut



Central Industrial District

Eastern Residential District

Southern Market District

Northern Residential District

Western Residential District



Guilds are used to support our infrastructure and sustained growth. All members have the choice of any Primary Guild and may change given their current guild has enough support. Secondary Guilds have handpicked members who are committed to go further to support the city with various tasks.

Primary Guilds (Available to any member)

Farmers Guild: help gather food to support the city food shelves

Lumberjacks Guild: help gather logs to support the community builds

- PumaSneaks

Miners Guild: help gather stone, sand, and coal for the community builds (can keep all metals)

- Rekkoff

Shepherds Guild: help gather wool and dyes for the community builds

- Jellyfish_Man

Secondary Guilds (Selected by PumaSneaks)

Builder's Guild: select group who are certified for community builds

- Rekkoff, Drud14

Mage's Guild: select group who support members with potion/enchantment services

Redstone Guild: select group who support redstone builds for the city and its members

Current Projects:

Roads (needs stone, spruce logs, and oak logs)

Underworld Hall (needs workers)

Farms: (needs stone, spruce wood, and workers)

Market Center (needs stone, spruce wood, gold blocks)

Horse Racing Arena

Lake Town




Castle Rekkoff

[Image: 2015-01-13_180126.png]



Temple of Hearth  (Featuring Urban Gardens!)

[Image: 2015-01-13_180050.png]


Horse Racing Arena

[Image: 2015-01-13_180102.png]


Mainland Bridge (over 800 blocks long)

[Image: 2015-01-13_180325.png]


Mage's College

[Image: 2015-01-13_180215.png]


Drud14's Ruin Adventure! (Explore at your own risk!)

[Image: 2015-01-13_180246.png]


Is this a new place or our land right now?

The entire Island is protected for expansion of Terra.  We will use the land progressively and divide it amongst our members.  I have a general idea of how things will be structured, but for now we are in startup mode.  Still will probably be accepting some builders on a limited scope who have proven themselves capable.


Applications here by being accepted.  Message me.

Updated post and now formally accepting applications.

I may consider to join Smile

Witness my Perfect Form
I might help when I'm on Smile I like helping on big projects like this Smile
"If one day the speed kills me. Do not cry, because I was smiling"


Well I already finished what will function as our City Hall, and we accepted our first member emmett66!  In addition I will be building out some of the preliminary roads this weekend and should be able to distribute plots very soon. Plots will be generous.  I want to give people room to build something they actually want to use.


I put in screenshots of the City Hall and if that is the type of builds you want to bring together and be a part of let me know.  I have plenty of ideas and I'm sure you all do as well.


Thanks guys!

Could I ask how you got the overhead of the island? I always see this done, and have no idea how to do it other than flying up super high and looking down.

its actually individual maps that are then put in item frames and that consolidates them into one master map on a wall.  I can show you IG sometime if you like.  This map is actually in the City Hall now.

Quote:its actually individual maps that are then put in item frames and that consolidates them into one master map on a wall.  I can show you IG sometime if you like.  This map is actually in the City Hall now.
That's pretty awesome!
New members Miner_49er_101, Jellyfish_Man, and Rashaar


Roads are starting to be laid out now that Temple has been finished.  Farms are now fully operational.  Starting now to build out the Mages College which will house our potions supplies and enchanting supplies (all which will have public access).  


Still looking for dedicated builders to help support several undertakings so if you'd like to join up let me know!  Currently I'm looking for builders to start planning/designing/prepping/gathering resources for several major builds which they would have almost total control over.  I do have some features I'd like to make sure each project contains, but we are growing quickly and will likely be ready to distribute plots in our first major district very soon.


See you on XE folks!

If you need gathering I can get you Stone, Wood, Cobble, Glass, etc. when I'm on Tongue
"If one day the speed kills me. Do not cry, because I was smiling"
Stone and wood are always going to be needed lol we build with natural materials almost exclusively.
Xaldin Edge Trade Center is now accepting contracts.  Confused? Check this out...


I will work with members of XE to negotiate trade rates for specific products (ex: 64 stone for 6 Lapis) and players will deposit their harvested materials in chests in the Trade Center in Terra.  I will then take out the materials deposited and redeposit the negotiated payment thereby fulfilling the contracted rates.


Since we don't have chest shops this will be a great way to encourage the flow of goods on XE.  Players will be able to negotiate for different rates based on their volume of business with Terra.  This will help our city grow and also help other players get the supplies they need.


Please spread the word and help get XE's flow of goods started!  Message me here or PM me in-game.

Public Mages College will be open soon complete with brewing stands, enchanting tables, potion information, and more.

Had a couple requests to join up from others and that will likely happen after the New Year Smile I'm guessing plots will be LARGE so it may take some time to lay everything out.
One section of road finished with 4 plots available on the central island with many more to come. Would like to welcome Drud14 to Terra. He is a great builder and will likely be helping with several major projects on the island.

More to come soon including what we be a massive overhaul creating a spleef arena which will hopefully be able to be used by the public (anyone on XE not just members of Terra!)



[Image: TerraMap-1.png]


Built a bridge from the island out to the main continent. Working on spleef arena.  Plots are ready.


Also updated the map to reflect almost all of the changes that have happened since we started.  The giant thing you see being built is our Gardens and Market District that will be finished by the end of January.


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