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I'm sure you may have noticed something has changed.  With not being sure on an actual color scheme, feel free to make your own.  You may customize the colors of the forum to your own personal liking.  These changes will be saved when you come back!



Overall look:

[Image: ORkGLXH.png]



How to customize color: (see top right of screenshot)

[Image: sU3iZZe.png]


Task List:

  • logo
  • tweak user group colors
  • front page
  • continue to wait a few more years for IP Board 4.
I like the new layout actually Smile

"Nihil Sine Fide"
As long as you do, that is all that matters =p

Quote:As long as you do, that is all that matters =p

Pffft Smile
"Nihil Sine Fide"
Landing page possibly tomorrow.  I'm featuring 7dtd more so than MC.  Although now i'm rethink that as 1.8 seems fairly active.

How do I make the "The following members have visited today" tab appear? Sometimes it shows and sometimes it doesn't... Is there a button to make it always show?

[Image: Rhs74m0.png]
[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
Except for the [Expand]\[Collapse] toggle I don't know of any way. It depends how the forums feel. :p
I found out it is for staff
[Image: OWQYyJq.png]

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