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7Days November 1St Restart
After some discussion with staff we feel that it's time to do a full map reset. Why?  Well, let me tell ya...


1. During an early morning crash I tried to restore the server and thanks to the tool that I use to manage 7days, it defaulted to the Navezgane map...


What does this mean? Long story short, it blended the Navezgane map with the Randomgen map and that is why you see the "skylands" world gen as you are walking around.


I have tried many options to fix it but due to my own inexperience with hosting this game, and some early alpha bugs, it has caused some major conflicts.


2. We were running with 'backups' turned on but I had not set up the directory structure properly. Meaning, backups were running, but pulling data from a non-used and non-applicable world.


 I have backups running proper now and have done testing to ensure they are not only working proper, but can actually recover data from any losses.


3. Lastly, the issues with the blended world gen have caused problems with the standard POI's that generate in the world. Example, the Western Settlement for trading is buried in a crater that, without admin access, is almost entirely inaccessible.


This also causes problems with traveling and exploring due to the visual range being skewed, as well as environment effects being blended (Drowning in desert, overheating in winter biomes etc..)



I apologize that we are having these issues, and I take full responsibility. I have been hosting minecraft for over 6 years, and taking on a new game has its own challenges.


I can assure you, however, that not only am I a quick study, but I have quite a few ideas for the future of 7Days Xe version.


Having said that, thank you for your patience, please comment any ideas or concerns, and Happy Survivin'!




Map Reset will be November 1st, 2016. This will be a full stats, inventory, XP, and world reset.

After this reset I will work to ensure that some stats/items can be carried over during update-required resets (Example, Alpha 16, Alpha 17, Beta 1 etc..)
"Nihil Sine Fide"
Well I hope everyone got their stuff. Im gonna switch to the new map early Smile Everyone, including me is bored, and we got raided Sleep! Ah well. Now I know to build the next base, zombie AND troll proof Smile
"Nihil Sine Fide"

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