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Newest Changes!
Good Old Fashioned Bullet List Style

  • New Spawn! Still under constant construction but I think you will like the new style of info.
  • Spigot updated to latest build (True 1.8)
  • Most plugins now UUID compatible and updated (Thanks to CoreyD97 for all his awesome plugin work)
  • Casino Slots! Check out /warp casino to play slots and have a chance to win big!
  • EcoCreature! Yes, now you can earn Xeebles slaying your favorite mobs.
  • Stock Market!  Earn Xeebles by playing an in-game Stock Market that uses actual stock prices! 
  • Area Shops! Allows members to automatically rent / buy shops or home plots (Staff will place these over time)
  • AppleSeed! Plant various items like cake and cookies! Check out /warp appleseed for info and tutorial
  • Golfing! Go to /warp xgolf and play 9 custom courses! (more coming soon)
  • CraftBook!  Remember lifts, bridges, doors, and hidden switches? CraftBook has returned. Check out /warp craftbook for info
  • MultiHomes update. Member - 12 Homes, Donators - 20 Homes, DonatorPlus - 30 Homes, DonatorMax - 40 Homes, DonatorUltra - 50 Homes!
  • Buycraft ranks are back. At http://xegaming.buycraft.net

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and patience. There is still more to be built, and a few more plugins to come. We are looking into more mini-game options as well to

keep folks entertained in between those big build projects. Stay Tuned for the next major update but until then, enjoy all the new goodies! 



"Nihil Sine Fide"
Thanks Pun!


Glad we're getting back into the swing of things!



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