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Updates Feb-10
Here are this weeks updates!




Spigot updated to latest version!


Added a plugin to block changing spawners with Mob Eggs (this is due to the market breaking aspect of this feature)


CoreyD97 has brought back to us EXP BANK! use /xxp help for more info


This Will Charge You 10 Xeebles Per Level To Deposit - No Charge For Withdrawal. Minimum Deposit/Withdrawal Amount Is 10 Levels


Added in FrameProtect. This should help protect your Item Frames / Paints / Armor Stands. Simply Shift (Sneak) Click your Frames/Paintings etc


The new /warp adminshop now buys Horse Eggs, Dirt, Sticks, Rotten Flesh, and CobbleStone! Also Selling Sheep, Pig, Rabbit, and Cow Eggs!


Plots Are Back! Go to /warp plots and read the info on acquiring your own In-Town Plot Smile These are $2000 Xeebles each and right next to all the action!


Also Check out /warp apartments for In-Town Apartment Plots - Approx. $750 Xeebles each.


Added additional support plugins for staff to be able to work behind the scenes with little to no impact on client side action.


New Arenas Added *and more on the way* from Palmetto, Caspar, TheMineMart, TheSleepMart, Nickoal78, and More!





Added /warp duroom   (For DonatorUltra's)


Added New ChatReaction game.  Game starts when 4 or more people join, still needs some testing Smile No one was on when I added it.


New Action Announcer. Messages show up abover your item bar (no more funky dragon in the background for the top broadcasts)


(New Donator and Up Benefit) Mob heads , Player Heads Oh MY!!! Yes that's right, head on over to the new /warp moblodge  and start getting the mob heads you want for your collection, OR

you can sell them in bulk at /warp adminshop


Current rate is 16 Standard (Spider, Zombie, Skele, Creeper, And People) Heads are worth 150 Xeebles. 16 Zombie Pigmen heads are worth 250x


Lastly, I turned up the View DIstance limit from 7 to 10

"Nihil Sine Fide"
Looking good Pun!


The new arenas look awesome Smile

Stanley is a magical Pig. Like a Unicorn, Just with more bacon

At least the heads make xeebies easyer now XD

Makes up for the 10$ lvls
[size=5]Guide, Oldtimer, and Friend of Xaldin[/size]
[Image: 1673357.gif]
Oof that 10 xeebles per level though. I used to use cxp alot, this kinda makes storing levels more of a luxury than commodity. Glad i read for the headshop and adminshop though.
I think the 10 xp per level is good because it makes it tougher to save your levels. You can't just sit infront of a spawner all day, throw a potion, collect the xp and store it. You have to work for the xeebles to store it too. Keeps the levels more valuable rather them being the new cobble.

Stanley is a magical Pig. Like a Unicorn, Just with more bacon


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