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Cobbleforest And Xegaming
I wanted to clear up some things and inform folks of what CobbleForest is to us and what is to be expected.



First off, for anyone who thinks there is any rivalry between CF and Xe, they are wrong. Flat out.


Dembriazh came into XeGaming a few years ago with truin1's recommendation. He went above and beyond his busy schedule to help us get situated in

the scripts, SingleHop management, and many other aspects of what made us tick.


When Xe got hit with the chargeback issues and had to shut down for a bit to save the namesake, Dembraizh asked me if I would have any issues with him starting the community back

up on a different server and thus created CobbleForest.


In that time, Xe managed to become home-based and started back up. Even throughout this new phase, Dembraizh and members/staff of CF came over to assist us and get us back on our feet.


For a while we even had some cross-over staff. (Staff that were ranked as staff on both CF and Xe). 


Over time CF changed a bit of their layout much as Xe did.  While CF was focusing on more events, larger community base, and some aspects that Xe couldn't or didn't consider.


Xe started focusing on a smaller more tight-knit community experience as well as keeping things very close to the original structure and design. 


All in all, over the years, the two servers have been maintaining their user base with a nice healthy level of respect kept on both servers.



Now we get to the last few months or so....



I have noticed a growing tension between some members of both servers, and I have noticed some carry-over bullying, trolling, etc..



This leads Cf and Xe to return to an option we once employed.  Cross-Server Consequences.


That's right. If you get banned on CF for various reasons, be it foul talk, bullying, hacks etc...

Then expect to be banned from Xe as well.


This will of course be on a per-case basis and we will not share bans for mild or non-disruptive reasons.


The same will be held true of anyone from Xe going over to CF to cause drama or problems.



This does NOT mean if GamerGeneric simply isn't liked but a few folks on a server that he would be banned on both, but if GamerGeneric has shown to be exploiting hacks and cheating, then yes. Both servers would show him the door.



Much of this is being added more as a preventative measure rather than addressing any specific current issues. But CF and Xe both feel the need to re-establish that we are friends, associates, and in many ways, branches of the same core ideals.



As always, I ask our members and staff to always show the utmost respect to CobbleForest and if you have any issue with someone from there, keep it isolated to that individual and do not let it reflect your opinion or behavior towards CF as a whole.



If you have any questions or concerns about this discussion, please feel free to reply. Thank you.

"Nihil Sine Fide"
Does this mean I will be banned? ):

Im glad this was cleared up, although i've not played on CF i have a healthy respect for it due to all the cross players we have, i was slightly annoyed when those banned came over and began to complain and ask for help to get unbanned...  Glad this has finally been established and cleared up!

[size=5]Guide, Oldtimer, and Friend of Xaldin[/size]
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Quote:Does this mean I will be banned? ):

Considering you came on before this was posted as official, no you are fine as long as you abide by our rules.
"Nihil Sine Fide"
This post is random and provides no point to the current topic. continue on.

Awesome, I've been wondering how the relationship between xe and cf got started.

never hurts to get a little fill on the History of XE. its quite a unique history.


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