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My Apologies
I wanted to say first off that I done goofed. Again.


First off, as far as events that transpired between some of our crew and cobbleforest did happen. However, the intent, the idea, and the follow-through were misinterpreted on my end.



As many of you who have known me for any length of time are aware of, I am a hothead. I tend to let things build up until I just snap and lose my cool. It's something I work on constantly and effects

every aspect of my daily life. Occasionally (and I have been getting better) I carry that same onus over here to Xe.



I am extremely passionate about many things, things that I take very close to heart. Our community and this server is at the top of that list. 


Because of that I take everything about this setup seriously and with all my heart. This also tends to mean that I place staff in a position to honor our ideals and designs and uphold our integrity.

Sadly, sometimes, I feel that integrity gets threatened and that is when I get upset.


This illustrates my reactions and actions yesterday in removing TheMineMart from access. My major mistake was making assumptions based on the events and evidence I had received and not on directly talking with those involved. In my attempt to gain a non-biased view of things that happened, I overlooked the source and for that I deeply apologize.



So, having said all that, and I've nearly finished my big slice of humble pie, I officially and formally apologize to TheMineMart, TheSleepMart, PunJedisLeftNip, FinalFormSora, and PancakeMoon.


The group mentioned has been with me for many years and in that, relationships have been forged and occasionally strained. I have no issues admitting that I need to work on my mentality and yet at the same time I feel that staff do understand what I try and achieve and the efforts I put in. I hope that they all understand why I take this community so personally and give my all to it.


I also understand the efforts of all our staff as well and never at any point, regardless of current status, do I ever NOT appreciate what has been done.


With that, I say thank you to everyone, especially our hard working team, and I shall continue to be mindful of my mind full.



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That was sweet PunJedi. Smile
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Quote:I wanted to say first off that I done goofed. Again.

And again, you posted this to the 7 DTD subforum! I've moved it to Announcements now.


In all seriousness though, I'm glad things got worked out, Xe is a family to me, and when this happened, it felt like my family had been ripped in two.

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I felt the same way Corey
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so wait... what happened.... I am very confused...

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I don't really know what's going on LMOelmo...

Let's leave it as a mystery for now, what has happened has happened; those affected will share if they wish but let's not go pushing for answers.
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Mistakes happen. Glad this got worked out. -Tiger_The_Kid


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