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Featured Shop For November
Congrats to Cuki84
for being sleected as this months Featured Shop
in Xmall.


For being picked as the featured shop she has recieved 1000 xeebles
, a holo
at the mall, and /warp shop
outside her shop
go visit her at shop 14
or /warp shop



.png   eJwFwUsOgyAQANC7sHc-DgPoZRqCBE1UiOCq6d373te8z2lWs4_R-oq4HT3VZ4M-6hNLhlJrOXNsR4dUL4xjxLRf-R4d2ZIVK-I4BPK8iMfZigYVzxyWQErqcCZ2E_NE_GEF8WAV2l3M7w-JwyOm.png (Size: 156.4 KB / Downloads: 0)


.png   eJwNyFEOgyAMANC78G9pbRHmZRaCBE1UCNSvZXff3uf7mKefZjW7ahurtdsxUu0bDK09lgyl1nLm2I4BqV42qsa0X_nWYUlQWJgXCgE9vdjbWdgFx-IRnUj4n52RloloQnqTA_bgHLS7mO8PiQ8jog.png (Size: 178.51 KB / Downloads: 0)




I really love that shop. So organized and very easy to find items.

[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_ml7afo1rug1snbeyao1_500.gif]
I have redone some, and you can now sell some items to my shop for the same you would get at /warp adminshop.  Feel free to check it out, I buy more than adminshop, for those saving to open their own shops! Smile


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