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Guide Vote 2015
Yup, it's that time again folks! When XE reaches out to its community and finds some unwitting vic.....I mean, helpful hands to keep things in line Smile


How does this work? Quite simple...



1. You can nominate yourself simply by replying to this post and letting us know why you think you would be a good Guide.


2. You get 2 votes. 1 for yourself and one for someone else. (You can use your personal vote for someone else as well if you like)


3. Current staff will tally up the votes and double-check for honesty, legit-ness, and fairness


4. Just because you get a high amount of votes does not necessarily guarantee you a Guide position.


5. We will most likely pick 3 candidates from the top votes.


6. You can be any rank or status on server, if you were staff previously and left on good terms you are eligible. (If you were stepped down forcibly or because of actions you are not eligible)


7. Lastly, be sure to post full in-game names on votes to ensure that people with similar names aren't confused for one another.


Thanks to everyone for participating and the votes will be tallied up within 30 days at maximum.





*Be sure to keep in mind that as Guides for XE you are expected to maintain a professional and courteous behavior at all times regardless of personal feelings or any past transgressions. I rarely every hold any grudges and I expect the same from our crew. Thank you*


"Nihil Sine Fide"
Heyo. my username is "mastertad" I feel like i would be a good guide. while my inactive past is really going to take a strike on me becoming guide. i feel that this is my only problem. i have matured and grown since my last application and i feel that i am ready for what new challenges i will face if i am selected as guide.

I hope you all have fun, and Happy voting ^U^

i also note PunJedi as a guide for i feel he will make an excellent addition as staff for the server.



I would like to apply, however due to my current inactivity from school and such i may have problems being on a computer or only be able to operate from mine-chat at least for a while.  I feel like i would be a good guide due to the fact that when i am on, i do try to help others when possible and look to uphold the servers rules.  The fact that i can help others, even if not as a guide is fun; and i don't see being one as vital to being able to help advise or help learn.  If you would be willing to let me serve the server in this way (heh, unintentional rhyme) i would be incredibly grateful, however i might not be as active as other guides.  I leave it up to you to decide whether i am good enough to help when possible if not as often.


My in-game name is Ventus333 (as is my forums name)


I look forward to seeing all the new staff when their chosen, whether or not im amongst them 


As for my other votes, ill update my post if i think of any more unwitting vic- erh...  Good 'volunteers' for the position


Nominee- Destoryers_Vibe

(change due to realization of previous nominees lack of activity...  plus a few conversations have swayed me, she seems to have a realistic and down to earth view of things.  I can agree with her, and her morals and sense of justice is good, i have no problem with her being a leader in our community; thanks for everything you've done ^_^)





PS; when will my forums rank be updated to donator ultra..................

PPS; Thanks for updating it bricks Smile

[size=5]Guide, Oldtimer, and Friend of Xaldin[/size]
[Image: 1673357.gif]
I'll nominate my self I only take 1 week breaks every other months so I' am on quite often. On normal days I am on from 8:00 till 9:00 and from 4:00 to 6:00.  I have a vast knowledge on the server and I am a long time user and I am very helpful on the server.  I think I will be a great guide on the server and I hope that you choose me. my IGN is Supmaster100


I vote for Ventus333

(because your the reason I am on this server. you should be a guide)

Witness my Perfect Form
I vote for Supmaster100

My first vote goes for myself. Why I think I would make a great guide is because I have been on the server for a while... and I have had a good record this year and have matured up a bit. I have also been more "helpful" and less "annoying" Smile As for my second vote I would vote for Destoryers_vibe. Why would I vote for Destoryers_vibe? Because she has been a long time player, she is very mature, and I can't speak for everyone but she is a great member Smile


In Game Name: MrKaboommm1

In Game Name: Destoryers_vibe

[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
I feel that I would be a good guide because I love this server and want to contribute more. I have been a good player, and have never swore or gotten banned. As a guide, I would help people whenever they need it, and contribute great ideas to the great community that is XeGaming.

I would be a professional guide, and take the well-being of other players into my hands by lovingly protecting them from bad things and people. I won't be cruel or unfair in any way, but I won't hesitate to mute, kick, or even ban players who have gotten warned for doing something bad, and really deserve it.

I am on nearly every day possible, and won't let the community down. I'm already a smiling face on XeGaming, but I would be honored to contribute even more.




My first vote goes to myself: tomjq3

My second vote is yet to be decided

i donz want to hurt you, fam.

Quote:I vote for Supmaster100
Ment to upvote you :3 I missed clicked
[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
I nominate myself because I....well I really don't know...I can place blocks? Yeah that is a unique skill...I can place blocks perfectly

I also vote for ventus cuz...why not
[color=rgb(255,255,255)]Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.[/color]
My two picks are:


1. Destoryers_Vibe- Always helpful and kind to our players and has been around for sometime now.

2. Mrkaboommm1- Is helpful and knows a lot of staff commands even though he isn't staff currently. (Even though he has his up and down days) He has improved alot since he joined us last year.

1. I think I could be good as a guide in the way that I am on as often as I can and will help in any I am able to I like being nice and helpful to other members. I know I may not be the best to become a guide but what I do know is that I'll try my best to be helpful to anyone who needs me. That why I think I could be good guide.

2. I also vote for Mrkaboommm1 because he is always kind to anyone that wants to talk to him and willing to lend a hand if someone asks.

I vote for Ventus333 because he is helpful and has a suspicious pile of bones.

Quite some time ago I remember asking about guide. What was it, what were the responsibilities, the rules, the restrictions, the discipline, what are they involved in? All of my questions then were answered by either bricks3 or sleepless. The answer.... in a nutshell, is essentially that a guide does his best to facilitate balanced gameplay, in the most fair and rule abiding fashion, remaining active and cheerful. I used to think that sounded hard. But young as i was i just wanted to build a house make potions and have a pack of wolves at my beck and call. 


But that was 2 years ago, its had time to sink in. And now i come back to XE... and find its on the downswing, prime to lash right back up. And the best part is i have a plan, to help make that happen.

I've been talking with bricks again and, we've been playing with the idea of recruiting people from other games. both of us play GTA V and warframe, tad plays airmech. But all of us play minecraft on the side. So its a recruitment plan, but also a touch of expansion for XE 


I want to see XE grow as a community, not just in minecraft. I see XE as a gaming community, we should be active across games! Of course minecraft is the only place where we shape our world completely, but we all play other games and can draw people just by saying we have a forum, we've got an amazing thing going here we just have to share it with people!


I vote for myself, Malakam, as guide. More as a formality, and everyone's doing it so the baseline is 1 instead of 0. (you run into redundancy like that when you let self cast votes happen).


My second vote is for mastertad. He led me to XE, i know him in real life and i trust him completely.


Sorry for the tome of text but I cant put what i want into small words, and i want you to know i want guide, not just because its being offered, but because I want to see the most from XE, and i have the will to make it happen.


Guide or no, I still plan to work towards growth of xe, the only question is do i get to use the powertools?

Firstly, i wanted to say i'm not into this voting or voting in general because i believe the people have a voice in who wants this responsibility and i can't express how much this is a big position to fill. Whoever gets chosen i know they will have as much seriousness into this "staff position". However, i'll vote because a friend told me some words of wisdom and it just so happens its the person i'm voting for.


The person i want to vote for is "MrKaboomm1" i feel that he has gotten more mature over the past year with him being annoying and causing stress over the staff, But i feel that not only the change of attitude he also developed a sense of respect, honesty, fairness, and a sense of heart to the server. Not only these attributes but the way he is now compared to last year and things i've heard. Knowing that this person has the responsibility and mature enough now that he would do great as staff.


Second person i choose to vote for is myself i know it seems pretty selfish and i know this is a pretty big position that i might not be prepared for, but i feel as JROTC(junior reserve officer training core) has made me be prepared to be a leader that people look up too and has trust in. I know a leader doesn't give credit to one's self but to squad members and if the task is failed blame one's self for his or hers mistake. I know i've been gone for sometime but there is a good reason to why because of school and many projects since i'm getting older. This doesn't mean i won't carry out my responsibility if i do get this position but to expand it more to being on the server and doing what staff does.


1st Vote: MrKaboomm1

2nd Vote: Destoryers_Vibe


PS. I was really touch certain people still remembered me from before and willing vote for me as staff it really touches my heart that these people would put their trust in my hands and i'll try my very best to fulfill this if i do get this position and hopefully i'll learn more along the way whether i am or not staff in the next 30 days because Staff or no staff i'll still be myself. BTW Sorry for bad grammar i am a A average i don't know how or why but i feel like i'm a D average...

[Image: 05583159509114921.png]
Haters gon' hate the Nether.
Wonderful responses this time around. To answer you Vibe, and I do fully understand your concern, we do votes as a way of seeing how the general community truly feels about being led by one of their own.


Guide is a very important position. You are a regular member in regards to abilities and not having any true eco breaking rewards but when it comes down to it, you can make the decision to remove someone from the

community for a few hours, or forever. That is never to be taken lightly as some folks have established themselves over a long period of time. 


Also, Guide is the first requirement to ever achieving Admin (where the real powertools are) and that means being held to a higher standard than the regular member.


When folks see blue names pop into chat I want them to remember that these are people that know the game, know the community, and understand the limits that are allowed and the ones never to be crossed.


Again, thanks for your responses so far. I imagine a couple weeks to give everyone fair time to vote and chime in.


Good Luck!

"Nihil Sine Fide"
well said pun  ^_^


Quote:Wonderful responses this time around. To answer you Vibe, and I do fully understand your concern, we do votes as a way of seeing how the general community truly feels about being led by one of their own.
[size=5]Guide, Oldtimer, and Friend of Xaldin[/size]
[Image: 1673357.gif]
I vote for ventus333 and Mrkaboommm1 Smile

I've waited to see who will put forward their names and have now decided to put in my vote; I will be voting for MrKaboommm1, as he has matured over the time I've known him, despite his history of disturbances and annoyances he has genuinely changed, and for the better. Boom knows his stuff with commands, probably due to past experiences and overhearing so many of the staff, thus meaning Boom will be quite experienced before even starting.

The second user I am voting for is Malakam, I have known Malakam since he joined the Small Scale Awesomeness part of the server, and him and I have done a fair bit, which has made it clear. Malakam is known in the community and is a pleasant player which is always great in a potential Guide, cause after all, they are there to Guide the community, whether that be in keeping chat clean, solving disputes or punishing those that are unfit to remain in the community. I have had no knowledge of past actions/incidents caused by Malakam, giving me the impression there is none. And I strongly believe he would be a great addition to the staff team. Staff or not Malakam seems eager to make changes to the slightly smaller community we now have, which would be nice to expand and stretch our reaches as a gaming community, not solely a minecraft one, which I'm not saying we are, but we could potentially be heading that way (Although our reaches have now got a grasp on GTA V, which is great).


I believe both members I have voted for will make a great effort to contribute to the better of XE, keeping it a nice, friendly community.



[url="http://steamcommunity.com/id/benwhitelaw"][Image: benwhitelaw.png][/url]
Though I'm not as active as I've used to be, I've seen see some greatness around the community. My vote goes towards Malakam. He comes across as being an avid community member, and fairly mature. My second vote would have to go towards ventus333. I've seen him around, and he seems like a cool dude.

I'm on the same boat as brandon. I wouldn't exactly consider myself a community member either, but I do hop on from time to time to play survival and I've had quite some experience in picking out players that turn out ot be great staff. I do have 2 votes for possible guide. 

1. Malakam. I've talked to him in-game and he seems to be a very driven member of the community. And from his post above he seems to have a really good vision for XEGaming to make it better than it already is. He seems very mature and has that friendly personality to make friends with everyone. From what I can tell he also hasn't had any issues in the past. Out of all the possible candidates I would say he's at the top to being picked, as he should be.


2. ventus333. I've only talked to him recently but I would say he's another great pick as well. He has more of a funny personality but can also be mature when he needs to be. Also from what I can tell he hasn't had any bad history as well, making him an excellent pick for a Guide position. 


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