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Guide Vote 2015
So to start off with i know i haven't be at the server for a while but while playing today and last night (and the last couple weekends) i stumbled across this post.


In view as a former staff, i believe a staff member needs to be:

- Helpful

- Active

- Friendly


My votes are in my best interests of the server,also my votes are for people that have always been around in the community, and will hopefully still be around. The members i am voting for also are well known members of the community and show maturity and knowledge with commands.


My first vote is for Destoryers_Vibe, whenever i'm on the server, she is on aswell, and not only is she on but is always happy and helpful, she has played on Xegaming for a very long time now and i believe that she belongs as a staff member on our server.


My second vote goes to ventus333, although he has been not as active recently, i believe, like Destoryers_vibe, that they both have the skill set to to tackle a staff position, ventus333 has also been around on the server for a long time and i can see him fitting in as a staff just right.


I hope you take my votes into consideration, i really meant everything i wrote,

Thanks obs,
Hello, my name is Michael, and my in-game name is DeathtoZombies.


I would be thrilled to be a guide. I would like to help XeGaming continue to build this amazing community. I have already been part of this great community for about four years, and I have been working and playing with Minecraft for the past five years. But, out of all the servers I've checked out, this is the best one I've seen. 

This community is unique -- it seems more like a giant family than a close community. When I first joined, everyone welcomed me, as if I  already was their friend. I knew from the start this was the server to be apart of, and it would be an honor if I could be an even bigger part of it. 


I would take my responsibilities as a guide very seriously, as I know there is a possibility of having to remove someone from the community if they cross certain lines. Everyone just wants to have fun in Minecraft, to make friends, and build whatever you want to, but there are definite rules that need to be followed for everyone's enjoyment and safety, and I promise that I will ensure that those rules are followed. I have made my mistakes in the past, and thinking of them sometimes just makes me want to bash my head against a wall, but I have learned from those mistakes. They've formed me into the person I am today, DeathtoZombies.


I will be honest with you, I have tried to create my own server a couple of years ago - way before I was ready. I now have a better understanding of how complicated a server can be, and how much responsibility it can include. I think it would have been much smarter to start off as a guide - like the one that you are looking for.  Wink


My first vote will go to myself, and my second vote will go to mastertad.


Thank you for reading, and happy voting!  Big Grin
From what I know, I think Malakam is the most suited to be a guide in my opinion. Events are a great idea to run, and I think that's characteristic of staff's ability to keep the players entertained. Not sure if it means anything anymore although, but good luck to everyone regardless. My 2nd vote goes for Ventus333, seeing as his reputation among the other Xe goers is notably good.

Here are my two votes.


1: Mrkaboommm1: He changed a lot since the last map. He went from trolling, lying, and being rude to, Listening, helping, and making sure everyone follows the rules.


2: Destroyers_Vibe: She has been on for almost 2 years, and is always helpful to everyone. And willing to help when it is needed.

"If one day the speed kills me. Do not cry, because I was smiling"
P4G Tongue

Vote 1:Mrkaboommm1

Vote 2Big GrineathtoZombies
The swaggy dinosaur ~~~
1st vote Malakam

2nd ventus

Gonna be a tough round this year I can tell already. I will say that I am very happy to see the votes coming in and that so many of you are aware of the members around you Smile
"Nihil Sine Fide"
My first vote goes to myself. I have focused mostly on free community builds (no matter the cost) and helping others whether it is with red stone, farms, or just Minecraft mechanics.

My second vote has to go to Ventus333. When I came on the server some 4 years ago I was looking for a friendly server. I made friends with Ventus333 and I stopped for a while. When I came back on he helped me and let me live in his region. These are my votes.


By the way, it says member since 2014. I recently made a forums account so yeah
My second vote goes to mastertad.

i donz want to hurt you, fam.

Hope an old coot like myself gets suffrage too...


1) Malakam

2) MrKaboommm1


After being back for around a week, I've picked two people that have made a great effort to help me get back into the game and learn the rules and commands. They're both respectful people and always willing to help out, and super friendly as well.

1. Destroyers_Vibe

2. Ventus333

and another great help to me is MrKaboommm1, he'd be a close candidate under these two for me.

[Image: 214ziut.jpg]
[Image: 167124p.jpg]

I have been pretty busy directing a movie in school the last two months. A little late but I am putting in my votes for Mrkaboommmmmmmm1 he has been really helpful in the community and improved a lot lately. My other vote goes to Malakam who has also been very helpful in the community and is always active and around.



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