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Chess Tournament
Hello and welcome to my chess Tournament!


If you would like to participate please state your chess experience, and your experience of the chess plugin in minecraft


However if you do challenge me and manage to win, I'll grant you a ticket for a set of perfect diamond armor, redeemable when i forge it.

Grand champion gets the first go, but the challenge is to anybody who can truly make me mean the letters, G and G when i type them.


We need 6 people minimum for prizes to be relevant, I'm not going to be in the roster because I'm offering the prizes



5,000 Xeebles to the Grand Champion

2,500 Xeebles to the Runner Up

1,000 Xeebles to the Follow Up

500 Xeebles For all Participants


Simple Rules

-/chess create Tournament to get started

-Checkmate your opponent to win

-Stalemate counts as a win

-/offer draw is off limits

-if you log off for more than 5 minutes you will be disqualified

-if the game cannot continue, (only two kings remain) the fight shall be solved by combat in Free For All, Gladiator class.

-/undo is off limits. think carefully before each move

-Do not use /Stake, money is handed out after the tournament

-if you win, be nice, if you lose, be nice.

-Malakam enforces rules with a two strike policy, second offense is disqualification.

-If you earn the title of Grand Champion, you must play a match with Malakam


Above all else, have fun! 

The actual date of the Tournament will be set one week after the rosters are filled up.


Warp chess if you want to practice, you can play an A.I or somebody else, im completely willing to help with any strats or practice


Hmm... I might think about joining this :3

[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
Im in.

I'd love to join!

Well, I play chess quite often on another server with the chesscraft plugin. I'd like to join.

of course ill play, just give me a date

[size=5]Guide, Oldtimer, and Friend of Xaldin[/size]
[Image: 1673357.gif]
Awesome! I pretty much expected there to be no turnout! If everyone can manage to be online on the saturday the 25th (busy on the 24th), this'll work out great!


I'll come up with a roster setup and you guys can decide if you like it or not, also be vocal about availability.


So me included we can make 6 happen, but the weeks not out yet! still more room, I'll be in the roster if we have odd numbers like 5 and 7 playing.

Dang. Would've loved to get in on this. Just hit 2084 chess rating last month...


Great to see chess is still a doohickey on the server though!!

I got really busy during the weekend i set all this up! So no worries there will be another time for this i'm sure. Contest or no chess rocks.
sorry i wasnt able to make it. i got bummed when i got locked up. many things i missed. many things i was looking forwards too.


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