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New Guides!
First off, thank you everyone!! That was a great participation and a seriously difficult decision making process for staff.



I want to say personally that malakam was so very close to making the list this time but you are first in line should we need more or someone steps down. I know it can be difficult to lose out on the vote

but I want you to know that it was a very tough choice.



Having said that. The new Guides are MrKaboommm1, ventus333, and  Destoryers_Vibe!  Congratulations and welcome to the blue crew Smile




Again, thanks to everyone who voted and gave all their opinions.


For a quick reference for new staff please read below:



Do not kick and ban for personal reasons.

Be sure to warn folks first if they are bending rules and always use kick/ban as last resort.

If someone is being blatantly foul or racist/bullying, an immediate permanent ban is allowed. (This usually only applies to new logins who are looking to troll)

If you aren't sure, ask a veteran staff / admin / owner before taking any action.



Commands :   /kick (name) (message)   /tempban (name) (message) (time)   example would be /tempban loser1 foul signs t:3d     <==== t = time and :3d is 3 days, you can do :1d  or even :30m for minutes etc. Lastly of course is the permaban /ban (name) (message)


To pardon simply do /pardon (name)  or possibly /unban (name) as well.


Always try and keep in mind that we allow for a fun and goofy environment and some folks get a little over excited. We can keep these kinds of folks aware of our rules but I ask that no staff ever

overly dictate or come down on anyone. 


This is a place for all walks of personalities and cultures to combine and keeping that in mind will keep things nice and peaceful Smile


Congrats again and comment if needed! Smile


"Nihil Sine Fide"
Congrats guys!! Big Grin

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to working with you! Smile

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[Image: 167124p.jpg]

Congrats you three! Have fun!  Tongue

Congratulations To all new staff! Smile
"If one day the speed kills me. Do not cry, because I was smiling"
Thank you! Big Grin i'm really happy for the new staffs as well and i'll try and not let ya down Smile

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Haters gon' hate the Nether.
I am excited be to joining the crew Smile and I hope to become an excellent staff member Smile
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Gratz guys Smile was hoping pun would get guide but eh Tongue
The swaggy dinosaur ~~~
thanks for all the kind words and support from the voters guys!  it means a lot!

[size=5]Guide, Oldtimer, and Friend of Xaldin[/size]
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Congrats to the new staff, hopefully next time I'll be active enough to be considered.

~WesternInfluence (formerly cae1136)

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CONGRATS! i know its late but better then never ^U^


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