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Xp Change, Plugins Update
Hello everyone and welcome to another round of "What the heck is going on?!"


Today we bring you 2 Xeeble XP storage! That's right. You whined, I listened (finally) and now you can store XP with /xxp deposit (levels). Use /xxp help for all the commands available to you.



This is also a move to help everyone prepare for the next phase of....



SKYBLOCK! Wooot! and creative world too. 


We are also bringing back Glowstone Mining World!  "What is this?" you ask?


I make a fresh new world (mostly ocean) and replace coal ore with glowstone blocks. This makes for an interesting looking world and makes glowstone a bit easier to obtain for all.


Also, this time around I will be changing out Iron Ore and making it Quartz Block, and taking out Diamond Ore and replacing it with Watermelon Blocks Smile  (Cus I can)




Lastly, on the last attempt to do this it did wipe inventory/xp and skyblocks wasn't keeping inventory isolated. I do believe I have fixed both of these issues and have even tested it extra on

test server to ensure safety. HAVING said that...Please, every time you log off today 5/11/2015 or for those not in the states 11/5/2015 hehe, then please --------



Store your XP, Put away your items!  I say again, If you log off today please Store Your XP and Put Away Your Items!! Smile


We will be attempting a second run of installing multiverse and skyblock today.


Be alert! Smile 

"Nihil Sine Fide"
Nice! Lots of hype for Multiverse!  Smile


[size=5]Guide, Oldtimer, and Friend of Xaldin[/size]
[Image: 1673357.gif]
Yay awesome Big GrinDD
The swaggy dinosaur ~~~
YAY! Thank you PunJedi for all the hard work you put into this server to keep it running! I really appreciate it!
[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
Much love pun <3

  [Image: 17d4d1f4f0f8846f494ce50ed11c12a0.gif]Pece


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