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Skyblock And Known Issues
We are now running SkyBlock!  Use /island to begin and /island help for a list of commands you can use.


We allow 6 members per island team and unlimited island resets! Use /warp skyshop    ->for a high priced item shop.



Known bugs are, Item stacking in all worlds is kinda wonky (like items won't stack sometimes)



 Item stacking is fixed. However, some of the older items that show NBT-1 on them are still unable to stack. Simply place and remine/break and it will be fixed or if it's something like food/armor etc... then just use it up Smile


Also, mobs seem to be a bit more normal now since yesterdays reboot and update. Not sure if it's the same for all but I was able to take down 6 mobs pretty quick with a stone sword.




Mobs are generally MUCH harder to kill in SkyBlock world


SAVE your XP with /xxp in MAIN world before switching back and forth a bunch. Some folks are reporting XP loss on switching.


It is safe when stored with /xxp and only 2 Xeebles per level now, not 10.


I'll post any fixes or more found bugs here and I also apologize to anyone who lost items in SkyBlock during the updates and adjustments of it.


MAIN world money and inventories should be fine and fully intact. 

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  [Image: 17d4d1f4f0f8846f494ce50ed11c12a0.gif]Pece

Woop! Glad to hear it pun Big Grin Hopefully I'll get an island going after my exams are over with!

Stanley is a magical Pig. Like a Unicorn, Just with more bacon

cant wait to start......   Dang you school and only being able to use minechat!!!!!  Give me Skyblock or give me!....  uh.... i dont know what else i really want actually..........

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Yay thanks pun Big Grin we can still fly though Tongue
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Xp loss was fixed last week, just thought id let you all know Smile

Stanley is a magical Pig. Like a Unicorn, Just with more bacon

EDIT: Screenshotted and removed (so users do not see and use)

thanks for the glitch, we will look into it


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