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Im Back! (Again) But Not On Good Terms.
SOOOOOOO. sense april 23rd i have suddenly become inactive. WELLL i have a very. very. very good explanation as to why that was and will probably remain the case for a short duration... 1 month or 2... i hope no more, but ill explain that later. right now. STORY TIIIMMMEEE ^U^


where to start. well how about the start!

about april 23rd around their i left to go eat dinner. later around the middle of dinner my stepfather started grousing about me doing chores. i rebutted to him and then the argument kind-of got stronger from there... about 30 minutes into the argument i did something i shouldnt have and i hit my stepfather. now that wasnt very smart. infact that was proably the stupidest thing i could have done at the time ^u^

BUT WAIT! THEIR IS MORE! not only did i throw a punch, BUT i also threw a glass candle ^U^ it bounced on the ground three times. meaning i did not direct it at him afraid of hurting him instead at the ground so no one or thing would get hurt. my actions mislead my calculations. by the time the candle hit the third bounce it rebounded into the china cabnet. like a child tapping a glass wall afraid it will break the candle hit the cabnet's glass. the glass then cracked shattering into several peices cascading down onto the items and memories inside.

my stepfather enraged by my actions proceeded to call the cops and i later relayed the story to them my stepfather like wise.

I was then taken into custody where i waited 19 days, got charged with Assault 4th degree(minimal) DV.

the Prosecutor asked for 35 days. i told the judged that i didnt view my arrest as a negative impact on my life. I viewed this as a positive impact. now, more than ever i need to get a job. i need to find a place to live. i need to move on with my life. 

i started to realize that living in the house was causing more problems then fixing.

tension started rising between me and the family and un-necessary fears started crippling my actions.

the house provided this false sense of protection that i needed to get rid of to move on.

the judge took this into account and instead of giving me 35 days. lowered the sentence to 25 days.

with 19 days served and a 1/3rd of good time sentence(leaving it to a 17 day number) i now was in the jail for 2 extra days. i was released earlier today and am currently in a motel payed by my father for the night. ill see if i cant get any more help while im here.

I am happy that my stepfather called the cops.

I am happy that I am able to work on my new life, my own life.

While i may have no place to live right now, no job and no where to go.

It is those same reasons that are driving me to get a job, to get a place to live, and a life of my own.

Yours Truely


PS: Hope you guys have fun ^u^

-- Edit --

Yea now my PC is dieing too! it crashed due to "problems" 3 times within the past 10 minutes. lucky i aws able to back up my files, however i cant fill out any applications now... this is... tragic.


Good Luck finding a job man....I really hope things turn around for ya...:/ Keep strong! Life may get you down, but only if you let it.

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Haters gon' hate the Nether.
Well im glad you have a good outlook on this... Only advise is to stay out of trouble and good luck! Im sure you'll get along well as long as you can find a good job to at least semi-support you for now...

And the most important, profound statement i can think of the end this is... Dont do anything stupid ~_~'\

So again, good luck and I hope you can make things work!
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Sometimes the most sudden wake-up calls are the ones that allow us to find the right path. Good luck to you tad, and hopefully things start falling into place for you once this all settles down.

"Nihil Sine Fide"
Aye. Most of it will probibly settle down once i find a nice place to live or get a job. 

job pays for bills, food, housing bla bla bla you get the point XD

I hope you find the right path Tad, and do good things in your life tad! And remember if you to talk or wanna hang out with people then you are ALWAYS welcome here Smile
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i would have hopped you got that understanding from my message XD oh well nether the less, i must go. i may not be on for a month but ill be on when i can. *mutters* where to buy breakfast...

Good luck, hope you find a good job.
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im trying to find a job. tonights gana get rough though. not sure where i am gana sleep... *mutters* good thing i brought my baby blanket with me... *uses it to protect PC in bag*

Geez man, I'm really sorry about that... 


I hope you find an excellent job, and everything gets better.


Sometimes you have to go through a storm to get to the rainbow.

mainly trying to get a job as a pastry cheif. i have many things going for me if that was the case.

I'm a lifeguard
i got turned down today due to them not having money to pay for the new employer. however the guy directed me to talk to the owner of the local bakeries and suggested i talked to him. apparently that one place is hiring all sorts of people.

Good luck and all the best master, when in doubt, just remember; Gotta Go Fast.

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good luck with that job man

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