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Black Friday Sale
Our first holiday sale has started! Now through the end of Cyber Monday visit http://xegaming.buycraft.net/ for discounts on ranks and packages. There will also be item giveaways and rewards in game on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


$3 Off Iron - Lapis Rank 

25% off Emerald and Diamond Ranks 

and 20% off Obsidian Rank 

60% off Support packs and Xeeble packs


Manual donations durning the sale would match the percentage off the rank.

Example: Iron to Obsidian =28$

          Diamon to Obsidian =12$


There is also a special Black Friday package


This is a gift pack for the Black Friday sale. Players can claim 1 per person. Donations are optional for this package and are not required as it is a Holiday gift. This package will trigger a /give to the player in game.


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