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Hide And Seek Arena Competition
We have a new minigame!


Hide and Seek at /warp minigames or /warp hideandseek so we need some fun and creative arenas to use for the game.


If you have ever played the game there are hiders who hide as different blocks around a map while the seekers try to find them. 


This gives you the freedom to design any kinda of arena that you want but the more creative and the more places there are for players to blend well as blocks the better.


to get started go to /warp contest and pick a plot around the area. Build whatever type of arena over the next month you would like to enter. And pick the 5-7 blocks you feel would be best used for players to hide with.


The contest will go from December 28th to February 1st. The best entries will be used as arenas for the minigame in the creative world and the top 3 areas will receive different prizes to be determined when staff judges.




Can't wait to get into it!


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