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Hide And Seek
We have a new minigame added to the minigames world.


Hide and Seek!


The idea of the game is there are hiders who hide as different blocks around different arenas while seekers try to find and kill the hiders.


To join a game use /has join then a gui will come up to select a map. 


when i game starts you find the best spot to hide and after 5 seconds your block will become solid and you will blend in.


you can also use /warp hideandseek and join with an arena sign, see your stats, and see the top 3 players.


At the end of each month the top 3 players will get different in game rewards.


as you play the game you earn points which can be spent in the hide and seek shop from your hotbar for different upgrades and game perks.



There is a contest at /warp contest to build your best hide and seek arena.


More info can be found here.



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