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Xegaming Rust Server
Some of you might already know we have been starting to host more games in addition to the Minecraft server we now have Feed the beast and 7 Days to Die. We now have a Rust server set up.
If you own the game and want to join us the connection info is listed below.
Click this link to join the server!
Or alternatively, you can find us using the server browser by searching XeGaming or use console with client.connect

we are running: 3X gathering, NoDecay, BetterLoot, InstaCraft, RustIO Live Map, Friends, Clans, TP, Kits, Sign Artist, Vote Rewards, Quick Smelt, ZLevels, Remove, AutoDoors and more. 

you can claim a starter kit 3 times per wipe with /kit starter. 

Rust IO Live Map. http://playrust.io/map/?
If you havent heard of the game and want more info on it.

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