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Xegaming Update 8/25/2015
Yes, I do exist Smile  Xegaming is paid up for another year on its domain!


New minecraft changes are being watched and I have been keeping up in the forums and watch console from time to time.


I have been away dealing with my medical issues and the stress of it has kept me from having any desire to hop in-game lately.


As it turns out my lower back has some issues to. If you're curious, look up degenerative spondylosthesis. Basically it's a pretty badly slipped vertebra and

adding that to my bad neck, it seems to be the adding cause to my instability, high blood pressure, constant chronic pains and nerve root irritation.


I will hop in today to catch up on some things and we have a couple of new DonatorExtreme that need their free packs too!



Some features may be removed and or edited for future compatibility but I will keep everyone informed before and if I do anything.

"Nihil Sine Fide"
I hope you have more luck with your medical issues, we miss you. But don't worry, we've handled things well, players are happy, everything is okay Smile

[Image: 214ziut.jpg]
[Image: 167124p.jpg]

We need a parkour world!!! Big Grin

Yo, hope you get your stuff together pun.

Been a long time since I have played
[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
Get well soon pun. we truly do miss ya. 

[Image: 05583159509114921.png]
Haters gon' hate the Nether.
i love that your back, i got a account now, the to others got broken so im v3 now. but hope you get better. and hope i will see you much on in the future. :Big GrinD!!

hmmmmm im a newbie Big Grin lel!


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