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Looking For Someone To Finish Large Castle Build. /warp Praetoria
Hey everyone. I started this giant castle months ago and am now realizing that I don't have the time or motivation to finish it. I would really like to see it finished and right now it's actually quite far along. Overall I would say its about 50% complete however the last 50% is the interior which is some of the hardest work. To anyone looking to take on the project I have chests full of supplies for you as well as a 30,000x reward upon seeing the build completed. Here are some pictures of the castle and some of the supplies I have to give you an idea of what the scale of the project is and how much is already completed and prepared for you. http://imgur.com/a/Tf6OC. If you would like to visit the build in game go to /warp praetoria or /warp market. I have many more supplies including full enchanted diamond tools, armor, and and a few swords. One problem to note about this is that the build is within my region and i'm not entirely sure how to transfer the region to a new owner but until I find out I could just add you to the region. also feel free to change the exterior in any way you see fit and design the interior to your liking. I'm not asking anyone to build it my way I just would enjoy to see this build in all of its potential glory .Once all is done the region, the build, the leftover build supplies (which may be slim to none), and the xeebles are all yours to do with what you please. I look forward to any responses thank you all  Smile .


Its easy for me to remove you as an owner and add them as an owner if you want to give away the region, so no worries. I hope someone decides to finish it Smile

[Image: 214ziut.jpg]
[Image: 167124p.jpg]

oh by gosh...don't let me near that they don't call me destroyers for nothing i'm not a good talented builder like yourself. eh my skills been getting worst over the years. 

[Image: 05583159509114921.png]
Haters gon' hate the Nether.

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