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Sept. 30Th Updates
Hello folks, 


 So I had some time and motivation this morning and updated all the plugins that had a valid and stable update. This includes our Spigot version so we are now officially on 1.8.8 stuff Smile


Everything went fairly smooth and I did some generalized testing to make sure there were no errors or breakages. Looks good as far as I can tell but be sure to tell me if you notice anything amiss. 


I also added Slime Balls to the /warp skyshop Sky Island Shop.  16 Slimeball for 2000 Xeebles. That may be adjusted depending on popular opinion.


Updates included multiverse, plots, chestshop, worldguard, worldedit, lwc, logblock etc... Just mainly maintenance stuff and ensuring that we stay up-to-date but stable too. That's why I wait a while

before jumping on the update bandwagon to quick.


Anyways, my life is starting to find a groove again so I've been trying to be more active even if it's just behind the scenes for the moment. I also have some plans for the front page / main web page here so keep an eye out over the next few weeks Smile


I will be looking to clean up some loose ends that I've left hanging as well like the rank statues, making sure everyone is up to date, and cleaning up some unfinished areas around the maps.





"Nihil Sine Fide"
Great to hear! Hope to see you around in game more soon I have been ingame alot more recently. Smile

hey, good to hear the news. Big Grin but of-corse.. a bad thingy to.. Big Grin ok so if you get a cooble generator on skywars and sell the cobble your rich, after people notice this, they got from 30k to 200k on a really small time. can you plss do something with that? Big Grin its so good to have you back Big Grin hmm i realy like my= Big Grin Big Grin D:Big Grin:Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

If anything at all we would just lower the amount you get for selling it.

Thanks for the update PunJedi! I should pop on more
[Image: OWQYyJq.png]
I'll adjust the skyshop cobble. I had forgotten to adjust that after we added in the custom ore gen.



*Edit - Skyshop is now 64 cobble earns you 25 xeebles. Dropped from 200. That should help reduce the 'exploit' as it were.


Don't forget I also added slimeball. Torches show the newly adjusted shops.

"Nihil Sine Fide"

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