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Trying To Assemble A Lan Party For Cgi Artists.


Please help me get the word out. I am trying to get enough people to make it worthwhile to rent a small space for a CGI LAN party day.


Yes, this would essentially be XeGaming's first Convention but it will start under the guise of animation, rendering, cg art.



If you or someone you know lives in the Portland / Vancouver area (Oregon and Washington) Please let me know if you would like to attend or know someone who would.



This will be a very inexpensive LAN party most likely either free or $5 at the door for entry to help cover the costs of rental, food stuffs, and whatever power bill I get hit with Smile



This is very serious and I expect this could take up to a year to properly hash out but I will be posting more on this and better details as it goes along.



I am looking to have at LEAST a 10 member count for the first ever XeGaming CGI LAN PaRtY.


Thanks everyone and keep this thread alive with your ideas / suggestions!

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Hopefully I'll have my passport by then, I'd love to come. Sadly I don't know anything about organising a convention though, so best of luck Smile)

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That would be really cool, maybe see if there's a similar area of interest such as photography/filming and start with a joint convention? That way you'd get a larger target base to make it easier to cover the costs and could get some people interested in CGI that wouldn't have thought of it otherwise.

Eventually when it gets bigger, start hosting a CGI only convention?

Hope this works out for you Pun, I love your work Smile

Edit: also try posting in all the relevant subreddits. You should get a website up and running for your CGI portfolio too!

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That's an aspect I hadn't thought of Corey, nice. That would definitely help to expand the options and talents. Considering photography and composition through either film or commerce does have a huge role to play in many CG related aspects. 

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