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Price Reduction On Donatorplus And Up!
DonatorPlus and up ranks have all been reduced in price! This is a permanent adjustment and should help entice a few folks to get those wicked cool benefits that them Greys just don't have Smile


DonatorPlus now $8 instead of $10

DonatorX now $12 instead of $15

DonatorUltra now $16 instead of $20

DonatorEpic now $22 instead of $30


xegaming.buycraft.net (PayPal only currently)


The GiveAll feature of the upgrades is borked for now but I will send them out once it is fixed. (This means I'll keep a manual record of what is owed to global givealls)


Thanks for being part of the XeGaming Community!

"Nihil Sine Fide"

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