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I Can't Apologize Enough...
Good news and horrible news. First , I'll give you the horrible news....
Inventories (Only what you had on your character) got wiped in main world. I can't apologize enough.
I had switched out the Asyncworldedit plugin as the free one was having issues, and somehow it took the inventory with it.
I not only had no idea that was even possible but trying to recover inventories could cause more issues as well.
I and staff will work to replace what you honestly think you lost and they are fine now.
The other catch is that means we lost world edit in creative plots for now but
I will be messaging the dev to add the proper perms.
The good news is, Sponge height is fixed (Simply replace your existing sponge)
And redstone is fixed.
I know it's small compensation for the loss of inventory but again I had no idea
that could even happen as they don't control inventory. (Sigh)
Thanks for understanding, and direct all anger at me not staff
"Nihil Sine Fide"
Well that's a bummer. Good thing I didn't have too many miscellaneous items on me. Glad the sponge and redstone have been fixed.

Welp. There goes 27 stacks of dark oak wood (yes. I had exactly 27 stacks of wood (I had just gotten done chopping wood for my floor)), along with my either my Diamond sword, diamond axe, or Diamond shovel. I was not wearing armour, but I was wearing my elytra.

If I lost my shovel: It had efficiency 4, fortune 3 and unbreaking 3.

If I had my sword: Sharpness 4 and unbreaking 3.

If I had my axe: Don't worry

My biggest question is: Enderchests and xp/xxp Are they lost too?

I am lucky as it's just wood, but Dude2211 probably had all 15 of his Elyrtas still in his invetory, as well as 4 dragon heads and loot from the chests. Not sure if he took it out or not, but that is my last known inventory for Dude. (Was chatting with him on discord.

I wish the best of luck for getting inventories back.
[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_ml7afo1rug1snbeyao1_500.gif]
Just when i had gotten a new bow from when the other bow dissapeared to a differnt inv glitch. I think I am just not ment to have a good bow


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