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Here Are The Steps To China Phone Number List
Invite your customers to participate in campaigns: 1. Share the Link of your Campaign Once you have your brand and campaign created in VoxFeed , you China phone number list just have to click on “Share Campaign” VoxFeed Campaign Preview Campaign Preview The link that you have to send to your customers is automatically generated and copied. You can send it by direct contact, e-mail or any means of communication that you have with the fans of your brand. The link leads to the China phone number list  campaign brief. Right there, your customers can register with VoxFeed and link their social networks to participate.

The entire onboarding process China phone number list on the platform is already prepared so that your future brand ambassadors can easily participate in the campaign. 2. Manage the content generated by your ambassadors Once one of your clients has requested to participate in a campaign, they must draft and submit a proposal for your review and approval. If it is not to your liking, you can suggest modifications. Moderate Proposal VoxFeed Moderate the content generated by your brand ambassadors Nothing will be published without your approval . Here we show you all the steps so you can approve or reject all the content you receive . Additionally, you can also define the date China phone number list and time of publication of that content. The person must publish exactly  the same text that you approved, otherwise the platform will not allow them to validate their publication.

This means that the text you approve cannot have any subsequent changes, even if it is a spelling error. 3. Measure the results China phone number list Once you have active participation you will be able to see the distribution of your credit, flow of publications in your campaign and measure the results they generated. To have a more specific control of the results, we suggest you add a specific UTM link to your campaigns and/or a dedicated Landing Page . In this way you will be able to isolate all the results that come to you through VoxFeed and measure their impact on sales, leads, customers or the KPI that is most relevant to your business China phone number list.

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