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Command List
I'm really new to the server, modded servers, and I'm just new to rust I was wondering if there is a way to get a command list..and what they do?
You can do /help to and most of the plugins will show their commands. I am currently working on writing a custom /help in game and some forums tutorials. Some of the main commands you will need is /kit starter (you can use that 3 times per wipe) /home add (name) to set a home then /home (name) to go there. /home lists all home commands. /tpr to request to teleport to someone and /tpa to accept someones teleport to you. /trade (name of player) to send a trade request, /remove to use the remove tool on areas you have building permission on. And /friend add (name) to add someone as your friend. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Alot of us are in the discord chat most of the time and can help. Here is a invite if you want it. https://discord.gg/0px0in3Bsukc8yb1

Thanks a lot for the help

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