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It's Time I Pass The Torch.
Its been a long time since my last appearence but i felt the need to to share after receiving the email about shift in ownership of the minecraft server.

I joined xaldin years ago now - and it was the first server that felt like a real community and family to me. The people were kind, and i felt like i was actually participating for once in all the servers i had visited, it was a good feeling.

I still remeber that first town and the first people I met their, and still remember those first dirt and wood blocks i built (much to their dismay) and called a house. My love for the game grew with the time that passed and building was something I always looked forward to with those I knew online. Castles, homes, and the world were at my finger tips- and nothing made me more happy.

A couple years passed and I became staff for a brief time quite recently, my bonds with the community deepended and I came to respect, admire, and love the community more- despite the bumps in the road and the troubles along the way, it was always a place I could escape and enjoy myself with people I knew.

Then of course school happened, life took hold, and I had to take a step back for a longer while- and still am. I miss the simplicity of the game I had known but i hold no regrets or grudges- only fond memories of everyone here. One day I will return, and I know i'll find everyone the same way I left them, the fantastic community I knew before.

Pun- you led us well for the years you've led us, and I have to admit im sad to see you pass on the torch. But im sure Final and Pan will pick up where you left off and lead us just as well- I cant imagine a server without them.

To the rest of the staff, players, and friends here- keep on being who you are, and doing what your doing. I cant wait for when I return to all of yours wonderful creations. Know that I hold a special place in my heart and memories for all of you!
[size=5]Guide, Oldtimer, and Friend of Xaldin[/size]
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