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It's Time I Pass The Torch.
It was a few years ago...  ok, several...  when Pun called me up and was like "hey, I want to buy a MC server, but it's on Linux, and I don't know Linux that well, and you do...  can you help?"  Hell Yes!  I was in!  It wasn't quite XE yet, it was some other server, but I was there to help.  I put him in touch with some dude I worked with at the time, who knew Java and was an MC player, and they hit it off, and things progressed, and well, now there's *this*.  That other server is still going, and I wish them all the best, but it wasn't quite the family that I've felt with XE.  It wasn't the friends that I've come to know and love, due to XE.  And as I've watched it evolve, grow, get rebooted, rebuilt...  the family stuck with it.  That's what intrigued me.  That's what got me hooked, and not only willing, but *wanting* to stick around.   It didn't matter what type of project Pun has kicked up, he's always been a natural leader, someone who could always rally the troops, get people excited, and continue to expand upon the foundations of community that he started.  I absolutely love that.  It's been quite the journey, these past several years, and while I never quite got the hang of the game itself, I've always done what I could to keep the box up and running.  You know my mantra - "I don't make in-game changes, I'm just here to support the server."  That's not changed, and likely that it never will.  But as Sora and Cakes pick up the torch and continue to run with it, I will still be here, lending my support, knowledge, advice, and help wherever and whenever I can...  to support this family that I've grown to love so dearly.  Long Live XeGaming, Long Live Pun!  Love ya, bro!  Smile


Now, go have fun, and play nice!


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