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It's Time I Pass The Torch.
 When I hopped into minecraft for the first time in a single player world. I was blown away by how simple yet intriguing it all was. It took me a good 20 minutes before I realized you could dig down Smile After a few hours I decided to make the leap into the multiplayer aspect. 


I don't even remember the first server I tried. Just that it was rude, crude, and took me all of 5 minutes to realize this wasn't home. 


The second server I joined was this smaller community called Project Xaldin. At that time it was being run by Puremin0rez with a whole host of people as staff, some of which are still around today.


Long story short, after many months of playing and chatting with the crew it became an option to purchase the server from Pure and run it myself. At the time, Michael S. Siebert and I were running WildHome region and had been doing the research to figure out what it would take. We all agreed, and Michael and I were now the new owners of the server. 


We had agreed that we would alter the name slightly and Pure would hold on to the Project Xaldin / Xaldin's Edge aspect of the name. After a few weeks and some initial learning curves we went with XeGaming. Now, over 6 years later we are still XeGaming, an awesome community built around respect, interaction, fairness, and fun. 


Through all the years of ups and downs I have had an experience I couldn't begin to describe in one post alone. Having said that, I am stepping down as the Owner of the Minecraft portion of XeGaming.Com.


FinalFormSora and PancakeMoon will now be the new Owners of the Minecraft edition of Xe. I will retain Ownership of XeGaming.Com and will be looking to host other games as well as assist in the new redesign and layout of the Web and Forums.


I will not be going anywhere in any sense as I am still following through with the plans of Xe. I am just able to pass some of that time and effort to Final And Moon and let them inject some fresh ideas and energy into Minecraft and other hosted games. 


I haven't been on as much lately anyhow as I have been busy with being a homeowner with my gf and still dealing with my ever stressful disability battle. 


With this transfer of Xe's minecraft it allows me to focus on other games as well as allow Final and Moon to host other games under the Xe title too. The ultimate goal for me, personally, is still to have XeGaming be a multi game hosting hub that has a strong and long-running community and a simple to use layout directing you to the many game we will host.





There will be a few days downtime as I need to send the hardware out and they will need some time getting everything in place for their access etc..


As of this post 9/20/2016 the server will be shut down at 7am on 9/21/2016 pacific time. Downtime will be determined upon shipping length and setup time.



Thank you all for an absolutely amazing community to have been a part of, and will continue to be  a part of, just in a different fashion.



(Vice-Prez) Smile
"Nihil Sine Fide"

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