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Help Me Get Back To Xegaming! (New Computer)

I'd like to do a solid gaming laptop with a docking station allowing me to use a large monitor/dual monitors when I'm at home.  Does anyone have suggestions for a setup like this.  I have a solid job so budget really is anywhere $1,000 to $1,400 Smile  Planning to use the computer for Minecraft, RPGs, MMOs, but not too many FPS shooters (not a fan).


You are at the right time. intel's new IGPU is on par with AMD this coming gen if you want to stay lower than $1,000.00 USD.


you shouldnt need a docking station for dual displays unless you want easy speed.




this is a good solid choice




if you want to spurge a bit.




this is the only one that you wouldnt feel lacking on power. this would be my pick.

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