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My First Creepypasta
So I wrote a Creepypasta, and I want you guys to be the first to read it. It is a dread scare story. If you don't like Creepy things, DO NOT READ THIS STORY!

The Pasta


The Sin of Greed


This is my first pasta so it may not be that good.
reed, we all feel it sometime. From the greed of other kid's lunchboxes in kindergarten, to money, to jewels, to humans themselves.
It was a normal Autumn day, breezy, cool, and beautiful. The breeze made the leaves flutter all around the sidewalk. The hues of violet, to yellow, to red, to orange, even the ugly brown seemed pretty. Nothing can ruin this day, yet. Something seemed, off. I shrugged it off. Walking outside just to be walking because of today's beauty. Fall is my favorite season by the way.The sun was starting to set so I decided to start walking home
It was so beautiful, nothing could ruin it. I finally realized what was off, there was this old cute little house. Pretty, green, vinyl composed this house. The roof was the same old asphalt roofing, odd seeing as no one seemed to live there and the walls were somewhat damaged by ivy and weeds. I didn't really care much though, this house intrigued me so much, I walked in and asked if anyone was home, no answer.
 It was so quaint on the inside, a small mahogany curved frame couch with velveteen cushions and a pink seat with roses stitched in. I sat on it, it was luxuriously comfortable. Next, there was a bookshelf of a dark brown stained wood, crammed with books. The books had odd names like, Acnogori, Creptica, and Fortunis. Must be a foreign language, I concluded. Only one book had a normal name, Greed. This was off I though, but maybe the book was to teach lessons. I opened it, nothing. I decided to keep it to see if it was of value.
Next, there was a dark oak framed chair, with navy silk covering the seat, arms, and place where you put your back. The carpet was a short maroon carpet that was so soft. The lamp in this room was silver, like a mirror, and the actual mirror was a full length mirror of an oval shape and hung on the wall. 
I decided to look around the rest of the house, not much. The bedroom had an old fashioned teddy bear and quilts instead of bedspreads. The bathroom was very small, with a shower, sink, and counter with a porcelain sink. Not much here, so I looked through the kitchen. Fresh food was stocking everything. Weird, I thought. How does it stay so clean and have food even though no one lives here?
I then walked to the only thing I hadn't looked in. A small closet. It was, empty except for a small curtain rod in the corner. I tripped and fell into the wall, and a small passage opened up. Being the Curios George I was, i went in.
I walked into a room full of gold coins, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and crowns, tiaras, goblets of gold encrusted with jewels. The walls were decorated with silk tapestries, showing, oddly enough, peasant towns. I saw a podium with a note on it. The note read:
''"Hello, I see you are now playing the game. I knew you would come, I guessed you would find this place. You have probably noticed this room is much bigger than the house. You are not in the house, but another dimension. Let's get back to the game. The rules are, you may only take one item and escape with your life. Only one item wont set of the trap that lets you fall to hell. This item is the most unique in the room. Have fun, for if you pick the right item, you will fall asleep, and wake up tomorrow with all of this wealth in your room for you and only you. Thieves will inexplicable disappear, you will be wealthy and healthy, and successful. Should you not pick the right item, or try to steal many items, you will suffer the ultimate punishment. To confirm the item you hold is the only you pick, place it and only it on the podium."''
I decided to look around, so many thousands of things, what could it possibly be? I picked up a crown, but decided against it. I searched for hours, days maybe. I looked and looked, but nothing intrigued me. I looked at a gold coin saying, " I am the item that you desire." I was about to place it on the podium, but then I realized something. That is the item I want, but also the wrong thing. Everyone would want this, so it isn't unique. I then realized I had the Greed book. I opened it and inside was a log of everything I did, some ancient words, and riddles. Then I knew it. The reason I hadn't won was because of human nature. Greed.
I started to search for the most worthless item in the room. the steel statue of a horse-man was seemingly worthless, so I walked over to the podium, but then I saw it! A small penny that was green from age. I put it on the podium.
A new note appeared on the podium, on it was written:
"you have failed, the most worthless item is you, as humans always want nothing but money. You lose. Your punishment is eternity in this room. You have all the money in the world, but you are poor."
I blacked out.
All the money started to bleed and the tapestries turned into images of people dying. Suddenly, I woke up, all a dream. I was still in the room of gold, I found a plate of what seemed like bread, SPAM, and water. A note said: "Welcome to Eternity."
Hope you liked it!
hmm wow good job at your first creepypasta :O not bad for a first timer Tongue

[Image: 05583159509114921.png]
Haters gon' hate the Nether.
no problem Smile you should write more i'd love to read them on my free time Smile

[Image: 05583159509114921.png]
Haters gon' hate the Nether.

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