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Few Days Of Down Time Starting Today!
I just received some difficult news that relates to Xe. I was told to pick up the server box today as the house it sits in is going through some changes. 


THIS DOES NOT mean xegaming is shutting down by ANY means. It merely means we WILL be down for a few days as I locate a new hosting location and have Truin help me

configure the new IP's etc..



This will NOT result in ANY loss of data, nor will there be any reset. Simply put, I need to find a new home for the server box and the sooner I start , the better the chance.



Please forgive me for not being able to give any better notice but I only just found out this morning, myself.



Please let anyone know through social channels that this is why we will have some downtown and that we ARE NOT going away. 


Thank you for understanding, and I hope to see everyone again soon in a few days (maybe a week max)


I will be using the twitter and facebook xegaming accounts to inform everyone what the current status is.



"Nihil Sine Fide"

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